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Client success story

Smart Farming: a transformation story of an agricultural machinery manufacturer

A global manufacturer of farming equipment undertook a transformative journey, by leveraging the power of IoT and AI technologies to modernise its products, aiming to expedite time-to-market and deliver substantial benefits to its customers.

Smart agriculture

A Belgian manufacturer of a full range of machinery for the cultivation of potatoes


175 years

Global presence

Serving customers in 50 countries



A global manufacturer known for its expertise in machinery for the cultivation of potato as well as other bulbous and tuberous plants recognised the need to adapt to the changing landscape of agriculture, where technology was playing an increasingly vital role. The challenge was to help customer transition from a mechanical-focused approach to embrace smart farming and precision agriculture. This transition required incorporating advanced technology into their machinery, adding sensors and data-driven capabilities to enhance the entire farming process.




In response to these challenges, Eurotech provided a comprehensive solution. This solution encompassed the delivery of rugged hardware integrated with advanced edge software, ensuring quick and reliable access to field device data even in challenging agricultural conditions. To further enhance the solution, certified connectivity to the Microsoft Azure cloud was established, facilitating secure data transmission for analysis and application development. Additionally, the Everyware Cloud platform was implemented, granting remote device management capabilities for efficient monitoring and updates of equipment deployed in the field.




The implementation of Eurotech’s rugged hardware integrated with edge software enabled client to securely and effortlessly develop and deploy IoT applications, ultimately enhancing their competitive advantage and substantially reducing time-to-market. By adding sensors and data-driven capabilities to their machinery, the client not only met evolving industry demands but also enhanced the quality and efficiency of their equipment. Their smart agriculture platform, powered by Eurotech’s integrated solution, allowed them to offer high-quality machinery enriched with advanced technology and streamline operations. Furthermore, the ability to run AI applications directly on the machines mitigated latency issues associated with cloud-based processing. Overall, Eurotech’s solution empowered the client to embrace data-driven precision agriculture, optimising farming operations and contributing to sustainability throughout the agriculture value chain.

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