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Client success story

Streamlined renewable energy asset management

Splight collaborated with Eurotech to streamline the secure connection and management of diverse renewable energy assets. This integrated solution offered real-time insights, predictive analytics, and streamlined compliance, revolutionizing grid management for utilities and operators.

Client profile

A Washington, DC company that creates clean energy with artificial intelligence.

Start of operations



Secured $10M in seed funding from Spacecadet Ventures, specializing in early-stage space and energy startups.



Energy Producers and Operators must continuously improve their operational efficiency and service quality. Asset managers require streamlined access to real-time asset status to avoid the complexity of multiple sources. Integrating with diverse technologies and protocols from various vendors presents a significant challenge. Thus, ensuring a secure and straightforward connection of remote assets to the cloud is crucial for the success of digital initiatives in the energy sector.




IoT-based edge systems, collect, compute and communicate constantly vital data from assets in the field to the cloud. Eurotech’s ReliaGATE IoT Gateways offer the capability to operate assets using their native protocols, maintaining a consistent structure across various hardware providers, simplifying operations, and enhancing efficiency. It ingest and aggregate data from as different sources as energy field buses (i.e. Modbus, OPC-UA, IEC 60870, IEC 61850, DNP3, etc.), smart systems and sensors. ESF and Everyware Cloud facilitate and speed up deployment and configuration of the edge, with full device management and powerful health monitoring, enabled by EC installed in the customers AWS account. Splight revolutionizes grid management for utilities and operators by using real-time AI analytics, hardware-independent data, and automated controls within its software. Its unified platform facilitates the monitoring and management of energy assets, enhancing operational optimization and driving cost savings. This method affords a holistic asset overview, bolstering efficiency and aiding strategic planning. In partnership with Eurotech, Splight ensures swift energy asset integration, streamlined data handling, and effective asset management. This integrated solution simplifies workflows and delivers insights for efficient resource allocation and strategic decision-making.




With this solution, the customer can efficiently and securely gain comprehensive insights into renewable power production, obtaining detailed views into each site to monitor performance, and the capability to identify issues or inefficiencies.

Benefits include:

  • Fast and efficient remote asset integration and ready-to-use applications, streamlining the digitalisation of renewable energy assets
  • Risk mitigation and reduced exposure with built-in edge lifecycle management and security
  • Enhanced asset utilisation, boosted asset uptime and reduced Mean Time to Repair (MTTR).