Annual Report
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why eurotech


  • we have top class EDGE technology
  • we are long term committed
  • we aim at growing double digit with solid margins because of our differentiation
  • with more re-occurring revenues selling integrated HW & SW

who we are

eurotech at a glance

* revenues breakdown by customer location

our journey

From embedded computing to complete edge solutions

enabling a sustainable digital future

Efficiency is the beating heart of sustainability. Only through being efficient with our resources and operations can we create a sustainable future. Eurotech unleashes the power of the Edge. It is the power to drive efficiency across sectors and applications. Using IoT to create more accessible services, reduce waste, and build more efficient processes. Adding Edge AI to take industrial devices from being automatic to become truly autonomous. Giving critical applications longer life cycles, lowering power consumption and the dependency on precious resources.

We strive to act on our commitment to United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals since 2009.

AI for sustainability