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DynaGATE 10-14

Multi-service IoT GatewayAI Accelerated, LTE 5G Ready

The DynaGATE 10-14 is a Road Vehicle certified, IoT Gateway for Public Transport and Road Vehicles that enables a fast transition to ITxPT both in existing and new deployments.

  • Road Vehicle Certified, ITxPT OBU (On-Board Unit)
  • AI Acceleration
  • Industry Leading Cybersecurity
  • Built-in Global LTE and 5G Ready
  • Open Platform
  • Customizable
Transportation & Off-road
High Operating Temperature:
-40 to +70°C
Designed to meet ISA/IEC 62443-4-2 SL2
PSA Level 1
TPM 2.0
ITxPT OBU (On-Board Unit)
AWS Certified
Geographic Area
North America
Connectivity options
LTE Cat 4
Road Vehicle and ITxPT Certified
With E-Mark and ITxPT OBU (On-Board Unit) certifications, wide operating temperature, wide range power supply with transient protection, isolated and protected interfaces
AI Acceleration
AI workload acceleration: i.MX 8M Plus providing a 2.3TOPS AI accelerator and quad core Cortex A53 performance for general purpose AI, image processing and computer vision
Industry Leading Cybersecurity
Designed to be secure: hardware anti-tampering, TPM 2.0 and optional IEC 62443-4-1/-4-2 assessment (Professional Service)
Built-in Global LTE and 5G Ready
Carrier certified and ready to deploy, with a global Cat 4 LTE modem and 5G ready
Open Platform
Features Everyware Software Framework (ESF), the IoT Java/OSGi based-middleware for IoT gateways that accelerates gateway development and enables remote management
Easy to Program
Full support for classic and visual programming, plus Everyware Software Framework (ESF), the IoT Java/OSGi based-middleware for IoT gateways that accelerates user application development
Open, No lock-in
Based on open standards and Cloud provider agnostic, it can be integrated with all major platform and service provides
Personalization and full customization options are available, ranging from branding (“skins” and color) to deep HW/SW configurations

The DynaGATE 10-14 is a E-Mark certified Edge Gateway for Public Transport and Road Vehicles that enables a fast transition to ITxPT OBU both in existing and new deployments.

The DynaGATE 10-14 consolidates multiple devices in one, with significant savings while dramatically simplifying the installation and the interoperability challenges; DynaGATE 10-14 packs all the functions that would require dedicated GNSS units, Wi-Fi/BT to LTE/5G routers, IP camera processors, CAN-FD controllers.

The DynaGATE 10-14 combines a rugged IoT Gateway with an AI and Computer vision platform: for instance, IP and GMSL 2 (factory option) video feeds from vehicle cameras can be processed by the integrated 2.3TOPS AI accelerator.

The DynaGATE 10-14 is a global product, certified by major LTE carriers and ready to deploy in North America, Europe and Japan; it is also 5G ready and additional cellular operator and country certifications are available as a professional service.

Cutting-edge cybersecurity is often a critical requirement: the DynaGATE 10-14 is PSA certified and can even be certified according to IEC 62443-4-1/-4-2 cybersecurity (Professional Service). System integrity and authenticity against unauthorized manipulations is layered across hardware and software: at the hardware level TPM 2.0 and an innovative, always-on, power-independent hardware antitamper monitor assure that the system has not been manipulated and that its sensitive data are safe. At a higher level, technologies such as Secure Boot and ARM Trust Zone expand the protection perimeter to the whole system.

The DynaGATE 10-14 comes with Everyware Software Framework (ESF), a commercial, enterprise-ready edition of Eclipse Kura, the open source Java/OSGi middleware for IoT Edge Gateways. Distributed and supported by Eurotech, ESF supports ready-to-use field protocols (including Modbus, OPC- UA, S7), MQTT connectivity, web-based visual data flow programming and deep configuration. ESF is also integrated with Everyware Cloud (EC), Eurotech IoT Integration Platform (separately available), enabling advanced diagnostics, provisioning, and full remote device access and management.

Ordering Code: DYGATE-10-14-XX
PROCESSORCPUNXP i.MX 8M Plus, 4 Core ARM Cortex A53 1.6GHz + 1 Core ARM Cortex M7 800MHz
ACCELERATORSNeural ProcessorIntegrated, 2.3 TOPS
2D/3D GPUIntegrated, Shader, Vivante GC520L, Vivante GC7000UL
MEMORYRAM4GB LPDDR4 (Up to 8GB); Inline ECC (Contact Eurotech for more information)
STORAGEEmbedded32GB eMMC (Up to 128GB)
Other1x microSD Slot (User Accessible)
I/O INTERFACESEthernet2x 10/100/1000, M12 X-Coded (Factory Option: up to 4x 10/100/1000)
USB2x Host 3.0 (Noise and Surge Protected), Type A
CAN2x CAN-FD bus, Protected and Isolated, with Termination and Fail-safe Resistors
Serial2x RS-232/422/485 (Factory Option: up to 4x RS-232/422/485)
Serial ProtectionIsolated, Surge Protected, with Termination and Fail-safe Resistors
Serial Console1x Serial Console
Camera InputIP Camera
Digital I/O11x Digital Input 36V, 1.5kV Isolated; 4x Digital Output (36VAC/DC), 500mA sink, 1kHz Max Switching, 1.5kV Isolated; 3x Digital Audio Outputs protected and non-isolated
Analog I/O2x Analog Input 36V, 11-bit, Isolated
Video Out1x HDMI with 2D/3D Acceleration
AudioStereo Line-level Audio Output
RADIO INTERFACESInternal CellularNoLTE Cat 4 (Global) - Factory Options: Cat 6, 12, 18; 5G Ready
SIM SlotNo2x microSIM (User Accessible; LTE CAT 4 only supports 1x)
GNSS TypeUntethered Dead Reckoning (UDR); Factory Option: Real Time Kinematics (RTK) sub-meter
Wi-FiNo802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (2.4GHz, 5GHz)
BluetoothNoBT/BLE5.0 (2.4GHz)
Ext. AntennasNo2x Cellular, 1x Wi-Fi/BT, 1x GNSS Fakra (Factory Option: SMA/RP-SMA)
Anti-TamperYes (Enclosure and Service Panel - Always-on Monitoring and Event Logging with Time Stamping)
OTHERRTCYes (SuperCAP Backup)
WatchdogYes - Dedicated Chip
EEPROM256 Kbit
Temp. SensorYes
Accelerometer3D Accelerometer / 3D Gyroscope
LED1x Power Blue, 1x Cellular Activity Green, 4x User Configurable (2x Green/Yellow, 2x Green/Red)
Buttons1x Reset Button and 1x Programmable Button
EXPANSIONSInternal ExpansionInternal, M.2, Internal Bay #1, Internal Bay #2 (Contact Factory for Expansion Options)
POWERInputNominal: 12 and 24 VDC, Range: 9 to 35 VDC with Transient Protection and Vehicle Ignition Sense
Power Backup10s Hold-up After Power Failure (Safe-shutdown); Configurable Sleep Timer, to Manage Shutdown
Consumption10W Typical (Sleep <1.2W)
ENVIRONMENTOperating Temp.-40 to +70°C
Storage Temp.-40 to +70°C
Humidity5 to 95% Relative Humidity (Non-condensing) at +40°C
CERTIFICATIONSCybersecuritySecure Boot, TrustZone Architecture, PSA Level 1, California SB-327, Always-on Antitamper Monitor, TPM 2.0; IEC 62443-4-1/-4-2 (§) - Hardened Production-only Images
IoT PlatformAWS IoT Core Qualified; AWS IoT Greengrass Qualified; Azure Certified Device; Azure IoT Plug and Play, Everyware Cloud Native
RegulatoryEU/UK: CE; North America: FCC, ISED; Japan: TELEC, JATE; Other Countries: Factory Option
CellularNoEU/UK: RED, Any Carriers; North America: PTCRB, AT&T, Verizon*; Japan: Any Carriers; Other Countries: Factory Option
SafetyCB, EN 62368-1, UL 62368-1 (§)
VerticalE-Mark, ITxPT OBU (On-Board Unit), ITxPT VCG (Vehicle Communication Gateway)**
EnvironmentRoHS3, REACH
MECHANICALEnclosureMaterial: Aluminum; Color: Black Anodized
Dimensions270 x 123 x 51mm (WxDxH) - Excluding Connectors

§ UL, NRTL listing Factory Option.

* Certification ongoing

** Certification in Plan

SOFTWAREOSEurotech Everyware Linux
SDKYocto-based Eclipse Tooling, Azul Java
IoT frameworkEveryware Software Framework (Java/OSGi)