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Leading the way in autonomous racing with HiL solution

Discover how Eurotech’s HiL computer accelerated the development of TU Munich’s autonomous racing system, leading them to victory at the Abu Dhabi Autonomous Racing League.


Technical University of Munich (TUM)


Consistently among the top universities for engineering and technology in Europe





Developing an autonomous racing car for the Abu Dhabi Autonomous Racing League (A2RL) posed significant challenges for the Technical University of Munich (TUM). The autonomous system needed to safely and efficiently navigate the racetrack, requiring extensive testing in various real-world scenarios. Traditional road vehicle tests were costly and impractical, necessitating a robust simulation environment. These simulations demanded powerful CPU and GPU performance to handle numerous scenarios, including GPS failures and extreme weather conditions, continuously and repeatedly.



TUM adopted Eurotech’s HiL computer, the DynaCOR 61-10, to simulate the vehicle’s onboard computer and test various driving scenarios. This premium system, featuring the EPYC 7313P CPU and a water-cooled RTX A6000 GPU, delivered the necessary computing power and memory capacity to run complex simulations efficiently. The HiL computer enabled multiple simulations to run simultaneously, optimising response times and improving vehicle performance. Additionally, the QuickTray®-v3 facilitated easy evaluation of simulation results with its hot-plug capability.

customer benefits


Eurotech’s HiL computer based on the DynaCOR 61-10 platform offered TUM numerous advantages. By replacing costly road tests with virtual simulations, the HiL computer made the development process up to three times faster. Dangerous scenarios could be tested safely, and the high processing power ensured accurate results. The platform’s scalability catered to various test requirements, and its user-friendly operation required no special prior knowledge. The simultaneous simulation of multiple hardware components and optimised container mapping enhanced system performance. Improved predictive capabilities contributed to more effective decision-making, boosting the efficiency and safety of autonomous vehicles.

the victory


On April 27, 2024, TUM clinched victory at the Abu Dhabi Autonomous Racing League. The autonomous software, developed and tested with the DynaCOR 61-10 ADAS/HIL AI Server Edition, outperformed the competition, securing first place.

Congratulations to the TUM Autonomous Motorsport Team for this remarkable achievement!


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