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Client success story

Data-driven excellence in packaging: Syntegon's approach

Discover how a dedicated platform for harnessing packaging equipment data was developed, aiming to elevate operational efficiency across client factories.


A global provider of machines and systems for the pharmaceutical, food, and MedTech industries

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Syntegon needed a partner that could ensure connectivity across a range of equipment and automation systems. Crucially, maintaining stringent cybersecurity standards was a top priority due to their client base in the highly regulated food and pharmaceutical sectors.



In addressing these needs, Syntegon developed Synexio, a cloud-based software for the collection, evaluation and visualisation of machine and production data. Synexio leverages Eurotech’s integrated hardware and software solution: ReliaGate 10-14 together with Everyware Software Framework – an enterprise-ready IoT framework – and Everyware Cloud, an IoT integration platform that offers extensive options for device management and maintenance. This combination ensures data security at an IEC 62443 compliant level, from the edge to the cloud.

Opting for Synexio includes a connectivity kit – containing all necessary components to connect the equipment, featuring the ReliaGate gateway. This device once installed within the control cabinet links via an intranet cable to the machinery’s PLC to retrieve essential operational data.
For those selecting the power monitoring add-on, an extra sensor is provided, enabling the edge device to record power consumption data directly – vital information not typically available from PLCs alone.
Data preprocessing at the edge device level standardises the information for consistency. The data is then encrypted for secure transmission to the cloud, where it is organised and visualised on a browser-based dashboard, accessible from anywhere.

To discover the capabilities of Synexio, register here to view the demonstration video.

customer endorsement


“At Syntegon, we are dedicated to providing intelligent and sustainable processing and packaging solutions. We created Synexio to empower our customers with actionable insights into their production floor allowing them to monitor and improve their operations. The challenge was complex – we needed to enable connectivity across multiple platforms while securing our customers’ critical infrastructure.

Eurotech has proven to have the integrated hardware and software solution along with good technical expertise, which allowed us to build and rollout a scalable and secure product in a short time to providing our customers with real-time data insights to enhance equipment operational performance.

Eurotech`s team expertise and dedication have made the implementation process smooth and the commitment to customer satisfaction has been exceptional.” – Martin Offenhaeusser – Product Manager Digital Services, Syntegon.


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