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You have a large appliance that is crucial to your food service or restaurant business, probably many of them. No matter what type of appliance it is - range, freezer, fryer, warmer - it can take a great deal of time and effort to set up a system that lets you learn from that appliance and make business decisions based on the data it generates. This is the promise of the Internet of Things, to learn from device data, manage assets and run your business based on real information and insights. Eurotech and FramTack have the tools you need to develop a complete IoT solution for food service and restaurant use with instant application development and unprecedented time to market advantages.

Internet of Things (IoT),
Food Services,
Multi-service Gateways,
M2M Platform

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Have you ever thought that you would have done something differently if you had more information available to you at the time? Of course, with the fast pace of today's technology, data has never been so readily available to us; with the right equipment, we can instantaneously have information to can make decisions in real-time. Eurotech and Silicon Engines bring the data you've been missing to your fingertips and provide you the tools necessary to make that data work for you.

M2M Platform,
Everyware Cloud,
Multi-Service Gateway

Eurotech Setting Stage for fast M2M service rollout so.pdf icon image
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Data starts in the field, at the edge of your company's operational scope. To drive business value and create truly actionable information, you need a simplified, efficient and fast way to collect, transport, analyze, visualize and take action on that data. Working together, Eurotech and ThingWorx bring the power of the Internet of Things to companies in a range of industries, for lower operational costs and higher revenue generating opportunities.

Actionable Information,
Internet of Things

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Eurotech assures a strong foundation for Machine-to-Machine applications by relying on leading industry partners like Oracle and HItachi to provide the technology basis for device, network, and service abstraction as well as efficient development. That foundation with Eurotech's long experience in delivering sophisticated M2M projects, coalesced into specifically designed M2M Multi-Service Gateways and a cloud-based M2M integration platform. These two pillars ensure successful and deterministic development and deployment of M2M solutions for a broad range of vertical markets.

Multi-Service Gateways,
M2M Integration Platform,

Eurotech Rugged Mobile Computer Extreme Environment so.pdf icon image
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Designed for application across a range of defense and civil sectors, the Zypad BR2000 is a high performance, reliable communications tool capable of operation in the most challenging conditions. With its multiple connectivity options, the Zypad BR2000 is usable as both a wearable and vehicle mounted device, while being Cloud-enabled proves suited for big data harvesting from field operations.

wearable device,
vehicle mounted device,
extreme environment,

Eurotech Device Data Enterprise M2M so.pdf icon image
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With the Everyware Cloud 2.0 platform, Eurotech has combined proven cloud, embedded and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to provide a means to connect and control an infinite range of smart devices and sensors deployed in the field to Enterprise applications. Leveraging the Eurotech M2M Integration Platform, data from embedded devices is securely collected, stored, analysed and acted upon in real time, offering a powerful resource for data communication and management suitable for industry sectors ranging from transport, energy and industry to healthcare.

Internet Of Things,
Embedded Devices

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