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Simple, enterprise-ready, and secure hardware and software solutions for deployment, orchestration and maintenance at scale

In a landscape where, according to Gartner, only 54% of AI projects transition from pilot to full-scale production, it is crucial to partner with a provider that ensures robust management and orchestration. Eurotech’s solutions are crafted to seamlessly and securely manage the complexities of deploying and governing multiple AI models.

Ready to transform your AI aspirations into reality? Explore Edge AI possibilities with Eurotech’s guidance.

With our platform, you gain more than just a user-friendly experience; you gain a system that requires no development, just configuration, enhancing visibility over edge assets and ensuring secure connectivity with remote access.

Experience the ease of installing, operating, orchestrating, and maintaining Edge AI applications. Welcome to a new era where simplicity and security are not just aligned but integrated, redefining operational efficiency and success in the world of Edge AI.



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software that syncs with your thought process

Traditional methodologies, indicate that for every AI project transitioning from pilot to production, an average of three models are tested over a span of three weeks, with an additional week dedicated to deployment. This process is not only time-consuming but also lacks efficiency in parallel testing.

Eurotech’s Everyware Software Framework (ESF) redefines this approach by allowing multiple models to be loaded and tested in sequence, significantly reducing development time.

With ESF, the process from experimentation to production can be compressed from the industry average of four weeks to just over one week—three days for developing the wires, one week for testing, and two days for deployment.

The result? Approximately 50% reduction in development time, positioning Eurotech’s customers well ahead of their competition by ensuring a quicker and more efficient route to market for Edge AI applications.

Prompt the logic of your use case and get the application running in minutes.

Full encryption across our software stack extends to the AI models, encompassing data and application orchestration.

Run multiple AI models on a single device with capabilities for ongoing monitoring, management, and model updates. Full Nvidia Triton support is included as standard.

Rely on the robust Eclipse Foundation’s open-source framework at our core, with enterprise ready support through Everyware Software Framework (ESF) and Everyware Cloud (EC).

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configurable hardware that adapts to your AI use case:

Tailor your Edge AI infrastructure with our hardware systems. Each device is configurable for flexibility, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific operational needs. Benefit from our portfolio of Ubuntu and Nvidia Industrial-certified devices, delivering compatibility and performance that evolve with your use case.

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key benefits

Ease of use
Reduced time to production
Seamlessly integrate diverse sensors with our platform, engineered to support over 60 different non-IP protocols, including sophisticated computer vision.
Sicurezza end-to-end
Enhanced security
Experience peace of mind with a fully secure, certified stack from hardware to AI application, ensuring data integrity and protection.
edge SW
Complexity, simplified
Utilize our low-code/no-code platform for scalable development. Benefit from comprehensive fleet management with Zero-Touch Provisioning, remote control, logging, and health monitoring.

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