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In today’s manufacturing landscape, Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) and Visual Quality Inspection are becoming increasingly important for ensuring product quality and consistency. However, developing these solutions can be challenging due to the complex algorithms, high-performance computing needs, and seamless integration requirements.

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Eurotech offers integration with a wide range of NVIDIA GPUs, ensuring you have the GPU power you need.

No need for custom GPU-specific development. Our hardware runs the NVIDIA Triton Inference Server stack software, which is compatible across various GPU types.

You don’t need to write custom code to access camera streams. We provide video grabbers specifically designed to handle video stream protocols.

You can easily transfer data generated by your AI applications to cloud platforms like Azure and AWS with the assistance of Eurotech’s Everyware Software Framework (ESF).

With ESF, you can easily configure numerous field protocol drivers with a drag-and-drop interface. This allows you to communicate with PLCs, take immediate actions, such as instructing the PLC to interact with and discard a faulty component or managing the camera’s settings.

Absolutely! Thanks to Eurotech’s ESF and EC, you can perform over-the-air updates with ease, ensuring efficient remote management.

Eurotech devices are cybersecure by design, with inference models encrypted on disk using device unique identity certificates. Access to these models is restricted to Triton, ensuring end-to-end model security. If a model is stolen, the encryption renders it both useless and inaccessible.

With Eurotech’s advanced solutions, your primary focus remains where it should be – on refining and enhancing your AI applications! Our complete solution empowers you to develop, deploy and at scale effortlessly and securely, unlocking the full potential of your AI innovations!

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