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Enabling Edge AI solutions powered by the NVIDIA Jetson Platform


Eurotech, for Edge AI, is part of NVIDIA Partner Network


As Registered Embedded Solutions Integration Partner and OEM Partner in the NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN), Eurotech combines its strong expertise in providing Edge computing hardware and software optimized for harsh environmental conditions with NVIDIA’s GPU accelerators to drive AI (Artificial Intelligence) innovation in rugged applications at the Edge.

The openness and ease of integration provided by Eurotech’s integrated solutions enable customers and partners to easily deploy their AI projects, reaching peak computational performance for edge inference and edge training thanks to NVIDIA’s GPU accelerators.

NVIDIA Preferred Partner

Deployed on vehicles, rolling stock and other heavy-duty or industrial environments, Eurotech’s integrated solutions enable the simultaneous execution of neural models and the processing of multiple high resolution, high frame rate sensors, making them ideal platforms for AI and machine vision workloads at the Edge.


Embedded Edge partners with NVIDIA® Jetson™, the Edge AI Platform


The Jetson platform delivers GPU acceleration and development kits to deliver the performance and efficiency needed to accelerate AI deployment at the edge, and to accelerate the deployment of deep learning models to AI projects at the Edge.

Being an enrolled partner in the NVIDIA Partner Network program gives Eurotech access to the NVIDIA ecosystem, early information and products, supporting Eurotech’s mission to offer high-performance and AI computing to let integrators and end users accelerate their time to market.

Thanks to Eurotech’s long-term success in designing embedded and edge computing systems, we can provide COTS or customized edge AI platforms based on NVIDIA Jetson modules tailored to the customer’s application needs.


Eurotech’s Edge AI offering


All Eurotech’s Edge AI products and solutions are optimized to bring out the efficiency and efficacy in AI inference and training, and precision in complex deep learning computations.

Bolt GPU 10-31

The BoltGPU 10-31 is a rugged subsystem that has been designed to deliver GPU acceleration to Rolling Stock and Automotive applications. Based on the NVIDIA JetsonTM Xavier NX module, it combines a 6-core, high-performance ARM CPU with a 384-core GPU and 48 Tensor Cores, offering exceptional power efficiency and up to 21 TOPS of accelerated computing.

The BoltGPU 10-31 is a power efficient, stand-alone unit that enables traditional and GPU-accelerated workloads in harsh environments, and comes with Automotive and Rolling Stock certifications, such as EN50155, EN45545 and E-Mark.