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We are among the very few companies in the world offering hardware platforms integrated with a fully and securely programmable software stack​

cybersecurity by design​ & certified


We provide a configurable platform that achieves IEC 62443 certifications

An integrated hardware & software edge solution, compliant with global cybersecurity standards​.

We have recently achieved IEC 62443-4-2 and IEC 62443-4-1 Security Level 2 certification on integrated hardware and software solution based on the IIoT Edge Gateway ReliaGATE 10-14, the operating system Everyware Linux and ESF: this enables secure products and services compliant with best-in-class cybersecurity standards. Adding to ISO 27001, and other security related standards like PSA Certified Level 1, the compliance with IEC 62443 is a further confirmation of our capability to satisfy your strictest cybersecurity requirements.

In the ecosystem where we play, there are a lot of companies focused on hardware or software only. A few players have the expertise to offer fully integrated hardware and software solutions: we are among this élite, and this uniqueness has been recognized by different Industrial IoT analysts​

The ability to leverage integrated hardware and software offers many benefits to our customers:​ 

Ease of use
Ease of use
that implies lower costs and low effort of implementation and better time-to-market​
Premium cybersecurity
resulting in less risk of implementation for our customers​
meaning being agnostic to any software and any hardware avoiding vendor lock-in

That’s why in 2022 Eurotech has been inserted for the fourth year in a row in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant for Industrial IoT platforms. The globally recognized research document lists Eurotech with its IoT offering among the 16 companies that were included after passing a thorough evaluation process. The report states, “global IIoT platforms continue to evolve and support IT/OT integration at large scale. CIOs and software engineering leaders seek to use IIoT platforms to drive sustainability, automation, remote operations, and transformation. The best solutions balance technology, partners and domain expertise