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ABB Electrification: Efficiently connecting electrical systems

Explore a comprehensive blueprint designed for system integrators, focused on connecting a diverse range of electrical devices (including low- and mid-voltage products, meters, power converters, and generators) to the cloud. This approach enables remote management of these devices at scale and leverages the data collected to guide actions and enhance operations.

Reduction in system integration time

A business segment of the ABB Group

Global reach

ABB Electrification operates in over 100 countries


Contributed 44% of the total ABB Group revenue in FY 2022



Seamless OT/IT systems integration, an essential aspect of digital transformation, requires simplifying the connection of electrical systems. Ensuring a short time to market, the offering targets companies that build solutions leveraging data from field assets, i.e. smart electrical infrastructure components that are pervasive in the energy management of buildings, factories and critical infrastructure. Historical and real-time data from sensors, field buses, PLC’s and logs are the basis for applying analytics and business logic on a cloud level ranging from monitoring CO2 emission savings, track utility power consumption vs. renewable self-generation, document savings due to solar power generation, and many more applications. At the same time, the challenge involves the requirement for data from the same assets to ensure highest availability and optimum performance.




IoT-based solutions collect, compute and communicate constantly vital data from assets in the field to the cloud. Eurotech’s ReliaGATE IoT Gateways collect and aggregate data from as different sources as field buses (e.g. Modbus, OPC-UA, DNP3, IEC 60870, M-bus, IEC 61850, OCPP 1.6, OSLP, DLMS/COSEM, IEC 62056-21, C37.118, LoRa, MQTT, BLE, etc.), smart electrification systems and sensors. The established communication channels are bi-directional, and control information can be sent to field assets if necessary. With digital twins of the field assets, APIs and no-code programming of the IoT Gateway ensure efficient application development. Robust health monitoring and advanced logging, enabled by an IoT Gateway middleware, contribute significantly to device operation and compliance monitoring. Seamless integration with the AWS services, including AWS IoT Core and AWS IoT Greengrass, streamlines data storage and processing in the cloud. Enriched by additional sources (e.g., weather data, maps, traffic information, etc.), this data serves as the foundation for informed business decisions at all levels.




The customer gained access to the data on the AWS cloud, where it can be used for analytics, business logic, and visualization. This access is facilitated through various methods, including seamless integration with AWS IoT Services. Notably, operational efficiency has improved significantly, with a 50% reduction in deployment time. This improvement is made possible by the availability of pre-configured and tested connectivity to the AWS IoT cloud.


Watch the video to learn how to connect and optimise your electrical systems with ABB, Eurotech and AWS integration