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Valuable data from the assets in the field to the cloud – through seamless AWS IoT Core & AWS IoT Greengrass integration

Eurotech and Amazon Web Services


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a key cloud partner for Eurotech’s IoT platform and IoT Gateway products now for many years, enabling connected assets running on the Eurotech Everyware Cloud Edge Management Platform to gain the scaling and availability benefits of the AWS cloud infrastructure. Eurotech provides higher level, device management, data management and AWS cloud integration. Eurotech’s IoT building blocks seamlessly integrate with AWS IoT services to deliver unique comprehensive solution capabilities and unmatched business value across a variety of vertical market use cases and applications.

Amazon Web Services’ managed cloud platform allows connected assets and devices to easily and securely interact with cloud applications and other services. AWS scales to support billions of IoT devices and trillions of messages, and can process and deliver those messages to AWS endpoints and services reliably and securely.

  • Comprehensive cloud platform offering – for faster time to market
  • Actionable Insights – advanced analytics and data visualization
  • Global Footprint – worldwide presence and support
  • Unmatched Flexibility – easy to configure and scale
  • Trusted Platform – reliable and secure: cloud, platform, data

Customers and their system integration partners can create and utilize “best in class” solutions for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) without compromising Operational Technology (OT) requirements through Eurotech’s Everyware Software Framework (ESF) on AWS. The combined services and experience of both companies results in a unique and robust value proposition in the market. Eurotech is a company deeply rooted and experienced in the embedded and Operational Technology (OT) world. AWS is clearly a leader in Cloud Services. Combining the experience of both companies results in a unique and robust value proposition in the market.

AWS IoT Core integration

Eurotech delivers enhanced computing, communication technologies, and innovative IoT building blocks to provide competitive advantages for its customers. The combination of Eurotech’s rugged Edge Gateways and AWS services, is designed to offer a robust and secure foundation for developing and deploying edge to cloud IoT applications in demanding vertical markets such as industrial and manufacturing, energy and utilities, medical, transportation, agriculture and mining.

Eurotech’s Everyware Software Framework (ESF), does provide seamless, ready to use integration with both the AWS IoT Core SDK and AWS IoT Greengrass. This enables customers and their system integration partners to more effectively build, deploy and manage assets in physically demanding environments while leveraging AWS analytics, storage, and compute services.

AWS IoT integration - Detail

For customers requiring edge device full software lifecycle management, extended logging / health monitoring and remote management features for their assets in the field, Everyware Cloud is also available. Customers can install Everyware Cloud on their AWS account.

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Efficient Edge Development and Reduced Time-to-Market


The solution at the edge consists of proven, application optimized Eurotech hardware (Edge Gateways, Edge Servers and Edge AI Systems) and a software stack, that includes a managed Linux operating system and a powerful IoT device middleware, ESF. This modular but highly integrated set of building blocks reduces the complexities and efforts for developing an edge solution significantly.

ESF comes with a wide range of supported field protocols, addressing the development and connectivity challenges encountered in OT applications. Edge developers can deploy applications running natively or use ESF Wires to visually compose data pipelines for their Edge devices. ESF Wires functionality has been extended to include the aspects to integrate seamlessly with AWS IoT Core services (including instant device shadows from field protocols / assets) through both the AWS IoT Core SDK and AWS IoT Greengrass.

Everyware Software Framework - IoT Edge Framework

With minimal configuration and setup, ESF users can interface with field devices and protocols and efficiently publish data from the world of operational technology to AWS IoT services.


Clear Focus on Low TCO and Risk Mitigation


The solid and proven edge node and gateway architecture (software and hardware) offers features to significantly lower many major aspects that contribute to the total ownership costs of an IoT solution. Examples are device software lifecycle management, security, logging and certifications (carrier and vertical).

Eurotech’s IIoT offering – hardware and software – is developed with security in mind. This is especially true for IoT Gateways that are designed to pass tough IT and OT security standards like PSA Level 1 and / or IEC 22443-4-2.

Device abstraction on a middleware level does effectively address challenges associated with changing hardware requirements and end of life of components. Risk aspects of IoT Solutions are further mitigated by long product life support, extended warranty options and a broad professional services offering.


Eurotech’s Edge Gateways in the AWS Partner Device Catalog


In the AWS Partner Device catalog, customers looking for IoT Edge Gateways the seamless integration with AWS, find a range of different Eurotech edge computers and data loggers, designed and certified for different demanding vertical markets and applications. These devices do come with an optimized and validated software stack (managed Linux OS and ESF IoT Device Middleware), that is readily integrated and validated with either the AWS IoT Core SDK and/or AWS IoT Greengrass.

More information on the AWS IoT Core Software Qualification of ESF can be found in the AWS Partner Network (APN) Blog with the title “Extend Data Management to the Edge with AWS IoT Core Edge Software Qualification” in the section “Eurotech ESF”.

Information on how the AWS IoT Core Device Advisor can be leveraged in the context of ESF can be found in the AWS Partner Network (APN) Blog with the title “Building Reliable IoT Device Software Using AWS IoT Core Device Advisor, Part 2/2“.

More details about the Eurotech AWS IoT qualified products can be found in the AWS Partner Device Catalog.

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Everyware GreenEdgeA new, complete, Integrated Edge AI and IoT offering for AWS marketplace 


Everyware GreenEdge is a software solution designed to operate on a selection of Eurotech Edge and EdgeAI devices. It simplifies operations through an intuitive interface, robust device security, and scalable remote management—all integrated within a unified AWS billing system

This solution employs Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP) which automatically manages device identity and credentials for seamless provisioning on AWS IoT Core and AWS IoT Greengrass. This automation removes the need for manual configuration and the management of sensitive data by field operators, drastically cutting down setup times from several hours to just minutes. The software also supports communication with a broad range of devices and sensors, incorporating pre-integrated field protocols for Industrial Automation, Energy and Transportation.

Initially offered with a semi-hardened security configuration, devices that come with Everyware GreenEdge can be fully hardened on demand to meet stringent standards required for ISA/IEC 62443-4-2 or ISA Secure certification.

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Eurotech’s value proposition extends beyond products and technology


For customers that require edge computers or IoT Gateways further customized and optimized for their specific use case, Eurotech offers a comprehensive professional services portfolio. This offering includes, but is not limited to development and design services, but also the implementation of new & legacy field protocols, project management, certifications, consulting and long product life support.


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