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Everyware GreenEdge


Where IoT Deployment and device management becomes effortless

Everyware GreenEdge is an all-in-one solution that combines Eurotech’s Edge Framework (ESF) and Remote Management Capabilities (EC) to ensure easy device enrollment. It also includes AWS Greengrass and AWS IoT Coreenabling seamless AWS connectivity in just a few clicks.

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Here’s how Everyware GreenEdge accelerates the deployment process:

Why choose Everyware GreenEdge?

Everyware GreenEdge supports a wide range of field protocols during development, ensuring compatibility across various applications and industries.

Say goodbye to hours of device enrollment and welcome cloud connectivity in mere minutes. Just connect your device, and watch it effortlessly handle certificate downloads and preconfigured setup.

An intuitive interface for efficient monitoring, supervision, and device upgrades, ensuring uninterrupted operations and minimal downtime.

Simplified procurement with a unified billing system through Amazon Marketplace.

Everyware GreenEdge will be offered across Eurotech’s Edge portfolio starting with the ReliaGATE 10-14, making it the industry’s first gateway to feature this solution.
It is a perfect choice to kickstart your project, whether it’s a PoC , a business validation/ pilot, or a small deployment.


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What’s the ordering process for Everyware GreenEdge?

1. Order your Everyware GreenEdge Hardware directly from Eurotech. Use the form above to get started.
If you’ve already filled out the form, proceed to step 2.

2. Once you received your device, go to AWS Marketplace and log into your account or create one if you are new to AWS Marketplace.

3. Search for “Everyware GreenEdge” or access it directly with these regional links: Europe or USA.

4. Follow the setup instructions; you’ll need to have your GreenEdge hardware device with you.


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Everyware GreenEdge is part of Eurotech’s partnership initiative with AWS. For a comprehensive list of our collaborative activities, please visit: AWS Partnership Activities.