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Eurotech rated “Hidden Champion” in “Open digital platforms for secure zero-touch industrial IoT deployments” by PAC


Key findings highlighted in the research were Eurotech’s strong commitment to open source-based IoT solutions and open collaboration, and its strong capabilities in IoT hardware and embedded solutions


Amaro (Italy), May 10th, 2023 – Eurotech, a leading provider of rugged and industrial systems, Edge computing platforms and AIoT enablement solutions, was recognized by PAC as “a hidden champion around secure zero-touch IIoT deployments at scale” in its most recent report “Open digital platforms for secure zero-touch industrial IoT deployments”.

This strong positioning comes from Eurotech’s ongoing efforts to address the security challenges customers face and a commitment to be active part of an IoT partner ecosystem. As the report concludes: “Eurotech is a strong ecosystem player, which is a real advantage in this space”.

Eurotech builds on more than 30 years of experience in delivering hardware, software and services to address the challenges of next-gen applications in demanding vertical markets like industrial automation, transportation, energy and utilities. This expertise, along with strong relationships built with many customers, system integrators and ecosystem partners such as AWS, Red Hat, Arm, NVIDIA, Intel and Microsoft, allows the company to develop trusted edge AIoT components to enable the digital transformation of enterprises of any size with an end-to-end security approach.

“Developing and delivering a solid foundation for successful IoT and digital transformation solutions requires a solid approach to security” states Robert Andres, Eurotech CSO. “Eurotech’s IoT, Edge Computing and Edge AI offering, is designed with certifiable security in mind, with passed PSA Level 1 and IEC 62443 certifications to prove it”.

Eurotech has been investing in a solid security foundation for years. In order to support their customers on their journey to a secure IoT and Edge Computing infrastructure, Eurotech has focused on fields like secure device lifecycle management, hardware & software integrated solutions, certificate management, secure device identities – all starting with a hardware-based root of trust. These efforts have been leading to a solid technology basis to create blueprints enabling a secure, zero-touch provisioning (onboarding) of IoT devices with IoT services (public and private cloud platforms, on-premise deployments) at scale.

“To get IoT devices connected to IoT platforms in a simple and secure way, still is one of the fundamental challenges customers experience when deploying edge devices like IoT Gateways at scale,” comments Marco Carrer, Eurotech CTO. “We have developed the blueprints to enable zero-touch provisioning of IoT systems, most recently demonstrated with the IoT Cloud offering of AWS, for both AWS IoT Core and AWS IoT Greengrass.”

The purpose of the PAC RADAR from the market research and strategic consultancy PAC is to provide a holistic evaluation and visual positioning of leading IT providers within a defined IT segment on a local market. Using predefined criteria, the providers’ revenue volumes and development and market share are assessed and compared alongside their performance and specific competences in the relevant market segment.