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Eurotech announces a new secure edge AI portfolio complying with the IEC 62443 cybersecurity standard


Eurotech lines up the largest portfolio of cybersecurity-certified edge AI solutions for the industrial, energy and road vehicles markets


Amaro (Italy), March 15th, 2023 – Eurotech, a leading multinational company for Edge Computers and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, today announces its newest edge servers with scalable, cybersecurity certified – AI capabilities.

Cyber-threats have become endemic and severely expose states and businesses of all sizes to the risk of loss of data, interruption of services, and direct or indirect monetary impact. Recent surveys have reported that most enterprises face cyber-attacks repeatedly, breaches often originate from a compromised business partner, and the related costs are passed on to customers.

“That is why, after establishing ourselves as pioneers in secure edge solutions by launching our ReliaGATE 10-14 as the first IEC 62443-4-2 cybersecurity certified IoT Edge Gateway, we are proud to introduce the largest portfolio of cyber security-certified edge AI solutions for the industrial, energy and road vehicles markets” states Marco Carrer, Eurotech CTO.


ReliaCOR 30-11

  • Compact fanless edge IPC, AWS certified
  • 10th gen (soon 12th gen) Intel Core low power
  • Dual Removable Storage up to 1.92TB, 2x 1GbE
  • Selection criteria: when high reliability is required in a compact form factor


ReliaCOR 44-11

  • Compact edge AI for machine vision and inference
  • Qualified for AWS IoT Greengrass and AWS IoT Core
  • 10th gen (soon 12th gen) Intel Core high performance
  • Dual removable storage up to 3.84TB, 4x 10GbE
  • Selection criteria: for stationary or mobile machine vision applications requiring a small form factor. Automotive version available


ReliaCOR 40-12

  • Compact ruggedized fanless edge server
  • Ready for AWS and Azure certification
  • 12th gen Intel Core low power
  • Up to 3TB SSD storage, 2x Mini PCIe expansion slots
  • IoT connectivity ready: WiFi/GNSS/BT, 4G/5G cellular
  • Selection criteria: when workload consolidation is required at the edge in a compact form factor and industrial environmental conditions


ReliaCOR 54-12

  • Ruggedized edge AI server
  • 12th gen Intel Core high performance
  • Up to 3TB SSD storage, 2x Mini PCIe + 3x PCIe expansion slots
  • Up to 2x NVIDIA latest gen GPU
  • IoT connectivity ready: WiFi/GNSS/BT, 4G/5G cellular
  • Selection criteria: when workload consolidation meets AI and machine vision at the edge in industrial environmental conditions, and requires scalability to accommodate evolving use cases


On all Eurotech’s ReliaCOR products, unauthorized accesses and data manipulations are prevented by a layered secure architecture. System integrity and code/data authenticity are protected by a TPM 2.0, an innovative, always-on, anti-tamper monitor and Secure Boot.

Edge connectivity to assets is protected and greatly simplified by Eurotech security-hardened Linux operating system, Everyware Software Framework (ESF) middleware and Everyware Cloud (EC) remote device management platform.

ESF makes it possible to set up and connect assets to the cloud in a matter of hours as it provides low-code/no-code web-based visual data flow programming and native support for AWS IoT Core and Azure IoT Hub / IoT Central. EC simplifies deployments at scale and remote management of digital twins thanks to its novel Zero-Trust Provisioning protocol.

Our certified edge-to-cloud solutions have been validated in the field and deployed at scale by major industrial players, including a collaboration with ABB, where the IoT Edge Gateway has been deployed for customers optimizing their digital transformation journey.

“Cybersecurity is top priority for ABB,” says Luca Cavalli, ABB Electrification Ecosystem Manager. “The adoption of cybersecurity standards like IEC 62443, is a key driver to create secure edge/cloud solutions. It is also essential for the development of a solid partner ecosystem and enables the acceleration of digital adoption. Eurotech converged edge solution demonstrably meet our highest expectations in terms of scalability, ease of deployment and system-level cybersecurity.”

The new ReliaCOR portfolio, augmented by Eurotech IoT Edge Framework and Management Platform, brings a fresh breeze to the digital transformation world, providing state-of-the-art, certified cybersecurity solutions to large-scale edge AI deployments.


IEC 62443 certified edge portfolio