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IoT integration and scalability made fast and simple

Say goodbye to the tedious setup process and welcome the era of effortless device activation. Whether you’re connecting 10 devices or 10,000, we’ve got you covered.

Significantly reduce your enrolling, commissioning, provisioning, managing, and decommissioning of your edge hardware through our simplified approach and eliminate manual provisioning flow.


Activation made easy


Complex procedures are a thing of a past. Our hardware comes preloaded with Everyware Software Framework (ESF) and Everyware Cloud (EC), making your activation an easy process. Forget about laborious 11-step setups; now, simply plug in the device, and it will automatically download the necessary certificates and initiate the preconfigured setup.

Plug-and-Play Security


Connecting to PKI Public Key Infrastructure automatically generates and stores certificates on the device without any configuration required – it’s activated by anyone, regardless of their expertise.

Our plug-and-play hardware solutions automatically generate unique IDs on the network. Each Edge device is equipped with an integrated Infinium Trusted Platform Management (TPM) Microcontroller, safeguarding cryptographic keys. Paired with our software platform (ESF), it bridges the security gap between the device and the cloud.

Streamlined IoT Edge Configuration


Our IoT edge configuration is based on drag-and-drop system. Retrofitting existing machine parks now takes just hours, thanks to ESF Wire Graph no-code, low-code environment and thanks to a wide range of cross-market vertical protocols that come with it, providing high flexibility for your IoT project requirements.