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Eurotech’s ReliaCOR 44-11 Wins “Best in Show” at Embedded World 2024

Continuing excellence in Edge AI reaffirmed at premier industry event


[Amaro, Italy, April 9, 2024]- Eurotech, a leader in embedded systems and Edge AI solutions, proudly announces that its ReliaCOR 44-11 Edge AI platform has been awarded the “Best in Show” in the AI and Machine Learning category at Embedded World 2024. Following last year’s triumph with the DynaCOR 40-36, this back-to-back victory affirms Eurotech’s journey toward innovation and pursuit of making AI adoption efficient for our clients.

In fact, the ReliaCOR 44-11, with its software framework enhanced by NVIDIA Triton bypasses the need for complex coding, enabling a quick transition from initial concept to full operation—a key factor for rapid market launch.
Additionally, the platform allows multiple models to be loaded and tested in sequence and equips Eurotech’s customers with advanced capabilities for monitoring, managing, and updating models efficiently.

Eurotech maintains rigorous security standards across its products, and the ReliaCOR 44-11 is no exception. The device’s comprehensive security measures, spanning from physical to digital, ensure the protection of components with an internal anti-tamper switch and maintain the integrity of AI models with edge-level encryption. Certified by ANSI/ISA 62443 and IEC 62443, the ReliaCOR 44-11 offers peace of mind by minimizing risks during both implementation and operational phases.

Powered by an Intel Core i7 CPU and equipped with a dedicated NVIDIA® GPU and quad 10GbE interfaces, the ReliaCOR 44-11 can manage a large variety of workloads. This versatility makes it ideal for general computing, data logging, acquisition, and complex data processing tasks like fusion and filtering.

Its design prioritizes broad compatibility, ensuring versatile use across varied technologies and systems, while its customizable architecture allows for personalized configurations, from branding to profound system modifications to meet complex project specifications.

Recognized by the Embedded World jury for integrating high-performance computing, built-in security, and ease of use, the ReliaCOR 44-11 reflects Eurotech’s ability to deliver solutions that rise to the challenges of modern edge computing.

Discover the full capabilities of the ReliaCOR 44-11 by visiting Eurotech’s Product Page.