The IoT integration platform Everyware Cloud enables business decisions to be instantly triggered based on aggregated real-time data streams, sophisticated rule-engine and rich interfaces to the enterprise IT world.

In today’s business it becomes increasingly important to have
constant visibility of assets and processes, anytime, anywhere
Eurotech IoT Plaftorm acts like an
“operating systems for the Internet of Things”.

It is an Application Enablement Platform for the Enterprise IT world
providing on the operational technology side all the data, device
and embedded application management
required to deploy and maintain distributed intelligent systems in the field.

a Network of uniquely identifiable "things" that communicate
without human interaction
using IP connectivity
( IDC )

By 2020 there will be a projected 30 billion connected "things"
IoT will reshape
After sales
Marketing strategies
Product design
Customer engagement
Executive decision making
Eurotech Internet of Things Platform
cuts the time-to-market and
permits customers to go live with their IoT Solutions
in just a few months.

Bootstrap your IoT / M2M Project

The real challenge of the Internet of Things is understanding the business opportunities enabled by smart products and new ecosystems.

Start to benefits from IoT Solutions ...


IoT Development Kits

Eurotech IoT Development Kits provide a complete, high-quality design environment for engineers and solution architects to significantly accelerate the development and delivery of new IoT applications.

Eurotech IoT Gateways

M2M / IoT Gateways (and in many cases Smart Devices & Sensors) have to be connect to the Integration Platform using a variety of communication technologies like Cellular Networks, Satellite, Ethernet, WiFi, xDSL, etc

IoT Gateways Multi Service Gateways for M2M IoT Applications

Market Specific M2M IoT Gateways

IoT Gateway and Smart Sensors

Everyware Software Framework

Eurotech’s Everyware™ Software Framework (ESF) is an inclusive and targeted Java OSGi software framework for M2M multiservice gateways, smart devices and IoT applications.


Download the IoT Big Picture Infographic

with IoT Architecture Overview & Application Examples
for knowing more about:
- The elements of an IoT infrastructure
- The OT / IT integration
- The role of Multi-service IoT Gateways and IoT Platform

Download IoT Infographic

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