IoT Development Kits

IoT Development Kit: Getting Started with IoT

Eurotech IoT Development Kits provide a complete, high-quality design environment for engineers and solution architects to significantly accelerate the development and delivery of new IoT applications.

The IoT Development Kits bundle industrial grade hardware platforms with pre-installed and configured software development environment so any prototype can be quickly turned into a production ready unit.
The kit targets all aspects of an IoT application from hardware interfacing, to development of on-board software, and cloud connectivity.

The IoT Development Kit family targets a variety of IoT application requirements by providing a range of different hardware platforms, spanning from very compact low-power ARM-based designs to powerful multi-core, latest generation Intel Atom gateways.

Each IoT Development Kit packages all the necessary hardware and software components to bootstrap a new project: gateway, cable and accessories, network connectivity options, IoT middleware framework, and cloud connectivity.

The kit allows solution developers to focus on their core tasks immediately:

READY TO PLUG – Contains all the hardware needed to get started including one ReliaGATE IoT Gateway, a complete set of cables and accessories, and multiple network connectivity options.
READY TO CODE – Features Everyware Software Framework (ESF), the IoT Java/OSGi based-middleware for IoT gateways that accelerates gateway application development and enables remote management.
READY TO CONNECT – Includes a free trial account to Everyware Cloud (EC), Eurotech’s IoT Integration Platform for device connectivity, data collection, and remote device management.
READY TO DEPLOY – Designed to comply with global certification requirements and quickly move IoT solutions from prototype to global deployment

ReliaGATE IoT Development Kits

ReliaGATE 20-25
an Intel Atom (E38xx) powered, high-performance, and customizable IoT gateway for industrial and lightly rugged applications.


View ReliaGATE 20-25 Dev Kit Datasheet

ReliaGATE 10-20
an NXP i.MX6 powered, single to quad core, low power IoT gateway for industrial and lightly rugged applications.


ReliaGATE 10-11
an ARM (TI AM335X Cortex-A8) powered, compact and customizable low power IoT gateway suitable for intensive workloads in industrial, lightly rugged and automotive applications.


View ReliaGATE 10-11 Dev Kit Datasheet

ReliaGATE 10-05
an ARM (NXP i.MX285) powered, very compact and efficient customizable IoT gateway for industrial applications at less than 2W.

Available Soon

EDCK 4001
a learning enviroment and a testbed for IoT/M2M; includes a ReliaGATE 10-11, a PLC and a I/O board for a realistic simulation of an industrial application


View EDCK 4001 Dev Kit Datasheet

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