Good IoT / M2M Architecture:
Scalable, Flexible, Open, End-to-End

Standard Interfaces
Standard Interfaces

Eurotech IoT Integration Platform
• Designed and optimized to connect distributed assets to Enterprise applications
• Encapsulates and abstracts the specifics and complexities of OT solutions
• Provides Data & Device & Embedded Application Management
• Any type of device can be securely connected and managed
• Open and Industry standards-based
• Fully decouples data producers from data consumers
• Enterprize application integration (REST APIs, Websockets, MQTT, AMQP,...)
• Adapters for IoT Analytics, BI and Enterprise IT/OT Integration
• Advanced data services, including a schema-less, distributed, decentralized DB
• Access to aggregated real-time data and historical data
• Data export & access in many formats
• Real-time analytics & rules engine (for real-time data pattern recognition and action triggering)
• High level of security and health check monitoring built-in
• Web Based Administration Console

Communication Infrastructure & Optimum M2M / IoT Protocols
• Support for optimum IoT / M2M protocols (MQTT. CoAP, ...)
• Integrated SIM Management Platforms of mobile carriers & MVNO’s
• Support for out-of-band communication / SMS
• Secure managed VPN Tunnels

Everyware Cloud Client
• Secure MQTT + data model device cloud client implementation
• Leverage Everyware Cloud data management and device management features
• Easily portable to many platforms and most operating systems
• Very light resource footprint – scales to classic telemetry applications
• Integrated and extended in ESF (Everyware Software Framework)

Everyware Software Framework (ESF)
• Java/OSGi-based Application Framework for IoT Gateways and Edge Nodes
• Simplifies the design, deployment and remote management
• Commercial, enterprise-ready edition of Eclipse Kura, the open source middleware for IoT gateways
• Secure, cohesive and integrated embedded application environment
• Remote & local embedded application and device management
• Modular software components & development tools
• Device abstraction in Java
• “One configuration” approach for device HW, OS & networking functions and applications
• Sensor and field protocol libraries / support
• Cloud connectivity with ESF providing full integration with Everyware™ Cloud
• ESF adds advanced security, diagnostics, provisioning, remote access / VPN

IoT Hardware: Eurotech, 3rd Party, Open Hardware
• IoT Gateways, CPU Boards and SBCs
• General purpose or purpose built of the shelf devices for different verticals
• Custom solutions

Experience & Capabilities

• More than 20 Years experience in OT / M2M / IoT
• Modular yet integrated offering
• Hardware, software, infrastructure, services
• Global footprint
• Strong partner network & ecosystem

Service and Support

• Global service & support infrastructure
• Supplementing (partners and customers) capabilities
• Planning, Design and Project Management
• Multi-level, scalable offering
• Consulting services – many Years of M2M / IoT experience
Eurotech IoT Architecture is Scalable, Flexible, End to End and Open

Good IoT / OT architectures are all about encapsulating the complexity of M2M / IoT distributed systems to:

Reduce development time and risk
Ensure optimum investment protection
Avoid creating dependencies between the Things in the field and the applications
Leverage world-class, proven and standards-based architectures, protocols and technologies
Dramatically reduce the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of distributed device infrastructures
Rapidly implement innovative, new business models and processes
Eurotech IoT Plaftorm acts like an
“operating systems for the Internet of Things”.
Security Built-In - Eurotech IoT Architecture
IoT Device & IoT platform have validated identities
Integrated PKI / X.509 Certificate Management
Mutual authentication for communication
Signed messages over an encrypted channel
Secure execution environment in devices
Secure pairing / provisioning of IoT Devices
Reduced “attack surface”, including communication on IoT devices reduced to a single, authenticated & encrypted port
Secure software management / distribution
State-of-the art network & system security (firewall, hardening)
Role based access control
Secure management access
Powerful VPN services for remote management
The internet of Things
IIoT Implementations / Architectures 10 Key Aspects

Enabling real-time business decisions – real-time aggregated data for applications, historical data, fast write speeds, CEP front end
Preserving and extending value props – no “business normalization” but encapsulating complexity, allowing to focus on core…
Open & Industry Standards based in technology, architecture, ecosystem and attitude, IT-centric by design, no-vendor lock-in by proprietary in approach and technology
Supporting diversity – down to the edge – HW, SW, type of applications, business models
“No-Silo-Approach” – readiness for current and future requirements – ESB for machines concept – integration of field and IT applications without creating dependencies – different from “classic telemetry”
Including development, deployment, management, infrastructure, communication, investment protection, future-proving, certifications
Complete approach in architecture and elements
Continuous testing, validation, feedback and improvement ensured, strong ecosystem
Not just scale up but “out”, volume and diversity
End-to-End complete OT stack, IT/OT integration, security, flexibility and efficiency requires holistic approach, operating system for the IoT / IIoT
If, as part of your M2M / IIoT / IoT solution
you require one or more of the preceding requirements to be met…
... Talk to us
Just start with no investments!.
If you develop your application on Eurotech M2M / IoT platform,
you do not have to invest any money in buying or renting infrastructure and, more importantly, you only pay for what you use.
Reducing risk and future proof
Our embedded systems and M2M / IoT platform reduce the uncertainty
of such a complex project through adoption of
open standards, proven technologies and a long history of experience.
Device to Cloud (to Business Application) in just minutes ...
with no limitations

Bootstrap your IoT / M2M Project

Start to benefits from IoT Solutions ...


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