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Smart energy charging systems Eurotech Freewire cs.pdf icon image
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Drivers are hesitant to purchase electric vehicles due to a perceived scarcity of charging stations, so FreeWire Technologies set out to build a mobile charging station that can move from car to car to allow for easy charging. This case study explores how Eurotech's IoT enabling hardware combined with the Everywre Cloud gives FreeWire Technologies a scalable solution with real-time access to mobile charging data.

Everyware Cloud,
Iot Gateway,
Charging Systems

Eurotech Cloud facility monitoring trains TBM cs.pdf icon image
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One of the most frequent complaints by railway passengers is about on-board train toilets being unusable. This concern is also an operational issue, because outages could result in financial penalties to train operating companies due to this loss of service. This case study explains how train servicing company, TBM Rail Group, called upon Eurotech to create a cloud-based technology package for toilet monitoring.

toilet monitoring,

Eurotech ITT Exelis Dynatem VPXBoard Airborne cs.pdf icon image
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ITT Exelis wanted to update a wide-area airborne surveillance system and turned to Dynatem to develop a new extremely rugged processor with advanced data connectivity options. The result was CPU-111-10, which includes a 24-port, 10 Gigabit Ethernet switch for flexible data flow and tremendous connectivity bandwidth.

Airborne Surveillance System

Eurotech tracking system buses shuttles StonyBrookUniversity cs.pdf icon image
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Eurotech has provided an automatic passenger counter and edge controller to Stony Brook University for their Smart Transit system. Powered by Eurotech technology, SBU Smart Transit is a Global Positioning system that tracks real-time bus and shuttle location and passenger occupancy campus-wide. Students can access the information via the Web or phone to quickly make travel plans based on current data.

Passenger Counter,
Edge Controller,
Smart Transit

Eurotech cloudbased passenger counting system TEB Italy cs.pdf icon image
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Eurotech has provided a cloud based automatic passenger counting (APC) system for TEB, a tramways operator running the busy line from Bergamo to Albino in Italy. This system uses Eurotech's Everyware Device Cloud (EDC) to facilitate the data delivery from the mobile devices installed on the trams and a Cloud Computing base application for Data Statistics. This device is the beginning of a chain of technology that brings vital data in real time to the transport operator in an easily accessible and useable form.

Device to Cloud,
Passenger Counting

Eurotech Cabel Italian urban transport cs.pdf icon image
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The electric powered VIP Multipurpose Vehicle being developed in Italy is set to make a positive environmental impact on city transport networks. A range of Eurotech products like the Aludra single board computer have been utilised in 2011 in the vehicle control unit (VCU) and multimedia control unit (MCU) of prototypes, part of the innovative technology enhancing the performance and safety of this advanced vehicle.

Control and Multimedia,

Eurotech Development Kits cs.pdf icon image
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Eurotech Development Kits are an invaluable aid to the process of engineering software and hardware applications and have underpinned successful projects for Eurotech customers across a range of sectors, helping to speed the progress of products to market and ensuring that robust checks can be made at every development stage.

Development Kit

Eurotech Stack104 railway networks monitoring cs.pdf icon image
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Eurotech's innovative Stack 104 rugged modular system is proving itself across a range commercial and defence projects. Typical of these is an application which delivers 24-hour monitoring of electrical substations on European railway networks. The customer required a new substation monitoring system, covering aspects including protection, monitoring, control and communication functions.

Control and Communication,
Stack 104

Eurotech KingCountyMetro transportation cs.pdf icon image
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King County Metro, the tenth largest transit agency in the nation, has installed the DuraMAR 2150 mobile access router on their buses as part of a new IP network-based Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) infrastructure.

Mobile Access Router,
DuraMAR 2150

Eurotech Techspan texting traffic cs.pdf icon image
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Real-time Information Systems as variable message signs are seen on motorways and trunk roads worldwide, advising drivers of weather conditions, congestion ahead and other messages to help maintain safety and manage traffic flow. Eurotech's Zeus single board computers are at work around the clock on motorways and highways throughout the UK, helping to keep these signs fully operational and communicating their critical information.

Real-time Information System,
Traffic Management,

Eurotech devicetocloud healthcare cs.pdf icon image
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Eurotech is using a Device to Cloud environment to revolutionise diagnostics in healthcare, not only within hospitals and clinics but also for managing the medical needs of patients at home, with solutions ranging from Blood Monitoring devices to Speech Generation equipment. Eurotech's Helios Gateways provide connectivity among dispersed systems to give medical staff hugely enhanced support in the diagnosis and treatment of patients.

Device to Cloud,
Helios Gateway

Eurotech Mira Saferider cs.pdf icon image
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Saferider is a major international project designed to improve safety and comfort for motorcyclists through advanced technology. Eurotech have been working with Mira on one of the key elements, the Advanced Rider Assistance Systems, based on the Isis single board computer. The project has identified ways to increase protection for motorcycle and scooter riders through providing real-time data to the rider relating to the journey, road conditions and how the vehicle should be handled.

Road Safety,
Real-time Data,

Eurotech NaturalPower energy cs.pdf icon image
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As the world energy demand increases so does the need for clean energy sources. Wind power is one such source and Natural Power's latest wind lidar is used to find the optimum position for Wind Farms. Eurotech's ISIS single board computer is at the heart of the ZephIR 300 Wind Lidar.


Eurotech DynaVox augmentative communications cs.pdf icon image
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Those challenged to speak can move into the mainstream with the DynaVox Xpress, the world's first comprehensive mobile augmentative communication device. These handheld devices based on Eurotech's Catalyst Module allow individuals with speech and learning challenges to make meaningful connections with the world around them.

Augmentative Communication,
Handheld Devices,
Catalyst Module

Eurotech Proteus Reindeer Herders cs.pdf icon image
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The EU funded N4C (Networking for Communications-Challenged Communities) Project is bringing Internet and email access to remote wilderness regions. Eurotech's Proteus is successfully helping to connect the nomadic Sami herders of Northern Sweden with friends, family and the outside world.

Networking and Communications,

Eurotech MillerElectric monitoring welding cs.pdf icon image
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Recent net-centric and remote monitoring advancements provide opportunities for the industrial market to improve efficiency, productivity and quality. Miller chose Eurotech's TurboIXP module as a core element of their welding system that help to catch human error and defects as early in the process as possible, to prevent small problems from becoming lange, expensive problems.

Remote Monitoring,

Eurotech GEHealthcare Patient Ventilator Monitoring cs.pdf icon image
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GE Healthcare chose Eurotech's TurboXb embedded computer for the Engstrom EView data capture device accessory, which is designed to provide clinicians and researchers with a tool with broad capabilities to capture detailed patient ventilator data.

Patient Monitoring,

Eurotech MaxID homeland security cs.pdf icon image
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Using Multi-Modal Biometrics to Identify Threats. MaxID has been working closely with US Government agencies to provide practical biometric solutions to enable identification of terrorists posing a threat to homeland security. MaxID deployed a rugged, handheld, battery powered device with multiple biometric interfaces based on Eurotech's Low Power Intel Atom Catalyst Module.

Homeland Security,
Biometric Identification,
Catalyst Module

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