IoT-ready devices enabling data-driven business models and digital infrastructures

  • People Counters
  • Environmental Monitoring Systems

Intelligent Sensors

Eurotech produces specific smart sensors and devices for different connectivity and data management applications, typically designed for embedded IoT environments. 

From people and passenger counters to environmental monitoring systems, those intelligent devices are able to collect data and send them to an IoT infrastructure for further analytics. 

These IoT-ready devices will help innovate customers’ enterprise business models and lead them to the path of digitalization by providing smart appliances in a variety of vertical markets.  

People Counters

Eurotech people and passenger counting systems are compact and autonomous devices designed to be installed above doorways of buses, trains, buildings and any other area where access monitoring is required. Incorporating IoT and cloud infrastructures allows integration with people management applications such as fleet and public transport optimization, allowing train or bus lines and schedules to be adjusted according to the passenger flow. Based on a stereoscopic vision system, our people counting devices ensure reliable and precision performance while their rugged design makes them suitable to the most demanding environments.

Environmental Monitoring Systems

Eurotech environmental monitoring systems collect and analyze data related to air quality and pollution, electromagnetic fields, ionizing radiation levels, and sound pollution. Who needs environmental monitoring? Every private and public entity that needs real-time, 24/7 reliable data to monitor air conditions in open and closed environments such as industrial, chemical and pharmaceutical plants, urban and traffic areas, construction sites, greenhouses, and breeding farms. Environmental monitoring data collected from Eurotech devices can be sent to the cloud for remote access and management, and to perform more sophisticated statistical analysis.

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