Industry 4.0-ready systems for extended reliability in harsh industrial environments

  • Industry 4.0
  • Industrial Automation and Supply Chain Management
  • Real-time Equipment Monitoring and Diagnostics

Industrial and Automation

Industry 4.0 brought a lot of innovation to the industrial market. Industrial IoT (IIoT) technologies enable digitalization of assets (digital twins) for remote device and data management: this leads to advanced applications for production automation, such as remote and predictive maintenance.

By bringing computational power at the Edge (with High Performance Embedded Computing), it is possible to perform advanced analytics and process complex algorithms for Machine Learning and Deep Learning, enabling Artificial Intelligence at the Edge (Edge AI)

Eurotech wants to help customers conquer the challenges brought by Industry 4.0 by providing rugged and embedded building blocks certified for the harshest industrial environments, designed for long-lifecycle applications and extended reliability.  Eurotech embedded boards, HMIs, industrial IoT gateways and Edge computers are fully customizable to enable Industry 4.0 applications such as machine diagnostics, supply chain management and real-time equipment monitoring. 


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Dive into smart manufacturing and embrace new business models with Eurotech end-to-end Industrial IoT architecture. Optimize the production process and its related costs by integrating IoT Edge Computers with machinery in the field. 

Eurotech offers modular and flexible end-to-end IoT architecture based on open standards: industrial-grade IoT edge devices for data collection and advanced field device management, an IoT Edge Framework for visual development and fast deployment of IoT applications, and an IoT Integration Platform for further data analysis and integration with business applications.


To improve industrial automation, Eurotech provides high performance computing and data management capabilities through edge devices capable of bringing data-center performances to the field. Embedded SBC, COMExpress boards and edge computers with large memory and storage capabilities are designed to collect and manage data in the field and ensure long lifecycle. Eurotech's built-in IoT Edge Framework allows connectivity with sensors, actuators and PLCs through industrial protocols for remote device management and production automation.

By having full control of the supply chain, customers are better able to manage deadlines and critical events. Eurotech edge controllers are ideal for inventory management as they collect data in the field and send it to the cloud, or directly to the warehouse, via cellular connectivity for further evaluation and analysis. In addition, Eurotech provides on-board systems for real-time vehicle tracking and fleet management optimization.  


Remote asset monitoring is possible thanks to a wide range of customizable building blocks for IoT gateways and edge devices. Eurotech provides full I/O connectivity with field machinery and cloud services to enable remote and real-time data management. Moreover, customers can always have full control of machine status and functionalities thanks to Eurotech's rugged industrial monitors and HMIs.

Malfunctions and downtimes can be avoided through predictive maintenance; by providing real-time data management and cloud connectivity, Eurotech embedded boards and edge computers are able to constantly monitor the status of field machinery and provide full situational diagnostics.

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