Connected edge systems, smart metering and data analytics for efficient and cost-effective energy networks

  • Smart Grid and Power Distributions
  • Energy Management
  • Intelligent Buildings

Energy and Utilities

Internet of Things (IoT) technologies are making energy use more efficient, reducing the stress on energy demand and simplifying energy management by developing a connected system through remote data and asset management.

Devices are connected to smart sensors and meters in an Edge network that collects valuable data and information for smart energy management; IoT allows remote access to these networks, enabling intelligent Edge, smart grids and smart power distribution infrastructures.

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Real-time asset monitoring is a powerful feature of IoT-based infrastructures that significantly improves energy data management by providing the necessary situational awareness and grid intelligence to understand how plants are performing and to drive innovative business decisions. 

Devices communicate with utilities and power distributors that use IoT-based apps to remotely analyze data and return it to end customers, providing a complete understanding of their power consumption.


With intelligent edge devices, users are able to track their energy consumption, identify wastes and choose better energy practices. 

Smart meters connected to intelligent devices allow operators to drive business decisions based on data collected in the field. Analytics at the edge and cognitive computing enable new business models and reduce datacenter, network workload and network costs. 

New IoT technologies for energy management lead to optimized grid performance, predictive maintenance, improved operations and simplification of field operations.


Smart meters and intelligent edge devices installed in buildings collect useful data on energy consumption. 

They allow the connection between the building and smart energy grids, enabling effective energy management through data analytics and remote control functions. 

Utilities can capitalize on those data and provide their customers real value-added services, such as predictive maintenance, device remote control and a better relationship. 

They can also use those data to reduce field workforce management costs and improve efficiency of maintenance schedules. 

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