Unprecedented processing power and server-class performance to bring Deep Learning into embedded applications

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High Performance Embedded Computing

What is High Performance Embedded Computing (HPEC)?

Eurotech brings supercomputing performances to the Edge with its High Performance Embedded Computing (HPEC) systems and boards for a faster data access and management and to enable AI at the Edge

Bringing high-performance computing capabilties from data center to field deployable applications means reducing space, weight and power absorption, increasing resistance, robustness and reliability while maintaining the same advanced computational performance and energy efficiency.

Eurotech's HPEC systems and boards have a rugged and fanless design: they are ideal for embedded applications in difficult environmental conditions such as Autonomous Driving

HPEC Systems

Eurotech HPEC systems are designed to bring the computational capabilities of a data center to field-deployable applications. Energy efficiency, compact design and reliability are key characteristics of Eurotech HPEC systems. Our systems feature an innovative water cooling system and fanless and ventless design- all within a rugged enclosure to ensure reliable performance in embedded applications, even under critical conditions. Eurotech HPEC systems are the ideal solution wherever computational activity needs to take place closer to the data gathering points (sensors and other devices) to facilitate real-time analysis and quicker decision making in critical situations, or in the growing number of occasions where real-time processing is needed for better business decisions.

HPEC Switches

Eurotech provides rugged embedded high-performance Ethernet switches for the most demanding environments. These high performance switching platforms feature a large number of high-speed Ethernet interfaces to effectively manage multiple data streams from different sensors and connected devices. Eurotech High Performance Ethernet Switches provide a reliable networking infrastructure for rugged and HPEC applications such as Autonomous Driving and Artificial Vision.

HPEC Boards

Eurotech HPEC boards feature Intel Xeon processors and have a rugged design with soldered down components to ensure high computational and reliable performance in embedded applications. Our HPEC boards are engineered to function with low power consumption and are therefore, often used in Eurotech and third-party systems. If you have specific form factor requirements, our engineering team can provide boards tailored to your specific application. Just contact us for more information.

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