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Eurotech & Red Hat


IIoT Architectures have to be open and future proof – building on the ecosystem partnership with Red Hat as an important cornerstone of Eurotech’s approach to the market

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Good partnerships/collaborations build on a common understanding of success factors, technology an aligned vision and – last but not least – are formed between parties that complement each other. The Red Hat and Eurotech partnership offers a good example of such a partnership. Both companies understand the value and necessity of a strong ecosystem to deliver IoT solutions. The companies’ respective competencies and products perfectly complement each other (Red Hat on the Enterprise IT side, and Eurotech on the Operational Technology – OT – side with HW and SW). What’s more, Open Source and Java are important pillars in both companies’ strategies, and all these factors ensure good alignment and many synergies.

Red Hat provides the open source building blocks to handle the inherent complexity with automation, integration and lifecycle management. This combined with Eurotech’s OT experience and market knowledge, plus Eurotech’s no/low-code edge programming and management tools enables customers to safely get on their OT digital transformation journey, implementing reliable, maintainable, enterprise-class solutions.


Red Hat technology integration overview


Eurotech and Red Hat

Eurotech IIoT offering does leverage and integrate with Red Hat technology in many ways. For example Everyware Cloud does build on Red Hat AMQ and Fuse to ensure robust and scaling message routing capabilities. Everyware Cloud with its modern micro-services architecture is greatly benefiting being orchestrated in Red Hat Openshift and also Ansible is used in device lifecycle management and automation. Furthermore there are Edge offerings where Eurotech’s Everyware Software Framework (ESF) is offered with Red Hat AMQ and Fuse to extend the message routing and integration capabilities of edge devices and edge servers.

Together Eurotech and Red Hat support global industry customers who need to create and deploy smart products to create new revenue streams and new business models using the latest technology based on a proven mature open ecosystem.