April 30, 2020

10 benefits of adopting open, integrated and managed IoT components

Under the brand name of Everyware IoT, Eurotech provides a full stack of edge-to-cloud components to enable end-to-end solutions. It is an IoT edge-to-cloud architecture providing hardware and software building blocks with an open, integrated and managed core to allow flexibility and interoperability across different vendors, to reduce time to market and for seamless integration between OT (operational technology) domain and IT (information technology) domain

The Everyware IoT infrastructure allow companies to meet their IoT needs and requirements when investing into IoT projects:

  • Reduce operating expenses while improving operational efficiency
  • Improve customer service and shorten response time
  • Have full control over working assets and know when they need maintenance to reduce downtimes

Here are the 10 main benefits of adopting open, integrated and managed IoT components like those of Everyware IoT. If you want to know more, download our infographic.

1. Open IoT components reduce the risk of vendor lock-in

IoT components based on open-source core software reduce the risk of vendor lock-in. Companies usually want the flexibility to switch from one vendor to another, without sustaining excessive costs.

Everyware IoT allows lower costs when integrating data with IT applications and services in the cloud. It supports open standards and protocols and provides accessibility to a large IoT partner ecosystem that help customers to build complete end-to-end solutions.

2. Faster time to revenue 

Everyware IoT provides everything needed to get data from edge to cloud, allowing a faster time to revenue (time to market). This enables business decision makers to access valuable insights in real time.

This seamless edge to cloud integration is also possible thanks to the flexibility to use selected IoT stack components. A company is therefore not forced to use only Eurotech IoT components, but can easily integrate it with hardware and software from other vendors.

3. Easier IoT device management

Everyware Cloud (EC) - Eurotech's IoT Integration Platform - provides all the services required to remotely access and manage IoT gateways and and edge devices. It allows remote software updates and batch distributions to improve functionality and security across the application.

The open IoT Integration Platform simplifies the management of distributed enterprise. Thanks to digital twins in the cloud, operators can virtually access their edge deployments to constantly monitor status and take immediate actions.

Among them, product development and maintenance operations are simplified, thus reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the infrastructure and improving operational efficiency.

4. Customizable IoT Edge Gateways and edge computers

Everyware IoT features COTS or customizable IoT Edge Gateways and edge computers with industry-specific certifications to meet the needs of applications across different vertical markets, including industrial automation, smart transportation, automotive, connected healthcare and defense.

Not only Eurotech's IoT gateways provides are enhanced to connect to field devices and leading IoT cloud services. They also feature edge computing capabilities to enable processing operations - from simple data filtering to demanding AI applications - close to the source of data.

5. Fast and easy edge-to-cloud prototyping

Thanks to the edge computing capabilities offered by Everyware Software Framework (ESF) - Eurotech's IoT Edge Framework - data collected in the field can be filtered before being published to the cloud. This allows reduced traffic internet traffic and only useful data are sent to analytics and IT applications.

By leveraging the MQTT protocol for edge-to-cloud communication, Everyware IoT allows a significant reduction in latency, but also to achieve significant energy saving thanks to low-overhead optimization.

6. Simplified edge computing app development with ESF Wires

Visually compose data-flow graphs for data acquisition, routing, filtering, aggregation and analytics: the ESF Wires feature provides a web-based interface for easy IoT application configuration, composition, and management. Full Java APIs are also available for developing custom data flow components or full edge applications.

ESF Wires

7. Ideal for greenfield and brownfield apps

Adopting open, integrated and managed IoT components like those of Everyware IoT enables easier digital transformation of big and small enterprises. Legacy equipment can be retrofitted through sensors and IoT gateways to enable data collection and management (brownfield application).

Moreover, all Everyware IoT components can be integrated to realize IoT-ready devices, assets and services, representing an ideal solution for greenfield applications.

8. APIs for integration with IT applications

Everyware IoT provides the flexibility of REST APIs to integrate OT data with IT applications. This allows the publication of data on web and mobile dashboards and to access them in real time.

9. Easy IoT deployment

Everyware IoT - and the IoT Integration Platform Everyware Cloud - allow to build an IoT environment in nearly any infrastructure, public or private, in a centralized or distributed design. EC is based on a micro-service architecture and can be deployed on public cloud, private cloud or on premise: it aligns to any hosting and data governance strategy.

10. Enabling end-to-end solutions and security

Thanks to its built-in IoT security approach, Everyware IoT ensures secure communication and data protection from edge to cloud. The openness and flexibility of IoT components allow the integration of security features at all levels. From hardware security - like TPM 2.0 - to encrypted device-to-device and device-to-cloud communication, to certificates, KPIs and role-based access control (RBAC) for secure device management in the cloud.

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