IoT platforms based on open source – PAC RADAR report research from teknowlogy Group

According to PAC, "The purpose of an IoT platform is to manage the underlying IoT infrastructure, create and manage IoT applications, and orchestrate the IoT dataflow between IoT infrastructure and IoT applications".

An IoT platform is built upon 3 main elements:

  • IoT Infrastructure: the building blocks that connect devices and access to the Internet; they can be simple sensors, but also more complex Edge computers and gateways or embedded software on devices
  • IoT software platform: provides an abstraction layer to connect the physical world (the real "things") with the applications, usually located in the Cloud or in the data center
  • IoT applications: data collected in the field are integrated with dashboards, mobile or business intelligence and IT applications for specific use cases (e.g. the predictive maintenance of industrial machinery)

The image below represents the scheme architecture of Everyware IoT, Eurotech's Edge-to-Cloud IoT platform. It provides all the building blocks to manage end-to-end IoT solutions from field devices to business applications.

Everyware IoT

Want to learn more? Download the PAC RADAR research report by PAC - teknowlogy Group

IoT platform based on open source comparison

IoT platforms based on open source are becoming increasing available: vendors usually offer it with a trial period or a freemium business model. Basically, they consist of IoT platform whose code - or large part of it - is available for free.

Eurotech is a significant contributor and committed founding member of a strong open source ecosystem, centered around the Eclipse IoT Working group. Eurotech is original contributor of open source projects like Eclipse Kura – an IoT Edge framework and application development environment for IoT gateways – and Eclipse Kapua – an IoT platform for device management and data integration with Cloud and IT applications.

The PAC RADAR report makes a comparison of the most valuable providers of IoT platforms based on open source technologies by using two main criteria: competence - intentified as the strength of the vendor's offering - and market strength - the vendor's positioning and perspectives in the market segment.

Want to learn more? Download the PAC RADAR research report by PAC - teknowlogy Group

Eurotech named “Best in class” provider of IoT platforms based on open source

According to the research, Eurotech has a leading position in the market segment of open source-based IoT platforms. This strong positioning comes from Eurotech's commitment to be active part of an IoT partner ecosystem and from the company's expertise in many vertical markets. 

PAC RADAR - IoT platforms based on open source (2019)

Want to learn more? Download the PAC RADAR research report by PAC - teknowlogy Group

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