PC104+ AMD Geode GX 466 CPU with CRT/LCD, 4x USB 2.0 and Fast Ethernet

Datasheet CPU-1433
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cpu1433_bios_4_51_00.zip icon (0.2 MB)
Bios Version 4.51.00.ES.018
cpu1433_bios_4_57_02.zip icon (0.2 MB)
Bios Version 4.57.02
cpu-1433-bios-4.58.05.zip icon (0.2 MB)
Bios Version 4.58.05
cpu-1433-bios-4.61.08.zip icon (0.2 MB)
Bios Version 4.61.08
cpu-1433-bios-4.61.09.zip icon (0.2 MB)
Bios Version 4.61.09
cpu-1433-bios-4.62.10.zip icon (0.2 MB)
Bios Version 4.62.10
cpu-1433-bios-4.62.11.zip icon (0.2 MB)
Bios Version 4.62.11

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