CompactPCI Boards

CompactPCI (cPCI) boards are 3U or 6U boards connected via a passive PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect). Up to 8 boards can be connected together in a segment. Segments can be connected through bridges.
They are grouped into four categories: CPU, Communication, Input/Output, PMC carrier.
A3pci7512 2 Compact PCI bus CPU board with PowerPC G4 processor and Tundra Tsi108 bridge  image: A3pci7512
A6pci8018 1 Low-voltage Intel® Pentium Mô CPU CompactPCI board  image: A6pci8018
A6pci8014 1 CompactPCI Intel® Pentium Mô CPU board double slot pitch  image: A6pci8014
A6pci8019 1 Pentium Mô based CompactPCI board  image: A6pci8019
A3pci8024 1 CompactPCI 3U CPU board based on Tolapai processor  image: A3pci8024

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