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Overcoming space and power challenges in autonomous driving through in-vehicle high-power computing

Training autonomous driving algorithms inside the vehicle



As the automotive industry gears up for the era of autonomous driving, the demand for high-performance in-vehicle computing solutions has never been more critical. Major industry players are actively involved in the development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving technologies, and Eurotech, armed with its extensive experience in crafting high-performance computers, is playing a substantial role in advancing this transformative journey.

The pinnacle of ADAS is level 5, where complete autonomy is achieved without any human involvement. To reach this level, a robust infrastructure of sensors, systems, and architectures is imperative. These sensors encompass a diverse range, from cameras and LiDAR to RADAR, collectively generating an extensive dataset known as “sensor fusion.” This data, which can peak at rates of 40 Gb/s, is equivalent to accumulating over 120 TB of information in just eight hours of driving. The data serves as the foundation for enhancing algorithms, enabling better situation perception, predicting the movements of other road users, and planning the actions of the autonomous vehicle.


empowering in-vehicle algorithm training

However, achieving these remarkable features requires more than just data collection. Historically, real-life data had to be collected on the road and then transferred offline for algorithm training and optimization. This process consumed precious time and hindered the vehicle’s responsiveness.

The missing link has been the ruggedization of high-performance computers (HPCs) for in-vehicle use. These computers must withstand the challenging automotive environment, with factors like system cooling constraints and scalability limitations posing significant obstacles.

Here enters Eurotech, a company renowned for its ruggedized Edge AI solutions. In 2021, it embarked on a collaboration with a global technology leader to overcome three critical challenges in in-vehicle algorithm training: LiDAR, RADAR, and high-definition camera sensor training.

The result of this collaboration was a water-cooled, modular Edge AI High-Performance Computer (HPC), designed to pave the way for mass deployment of Level 5 autonomy. Eurotech’s DynaCOR 40-36 Edge AI HPC tackled each of these challenges head-on.


power unleashed

Eurotech’s innovation unlocked the power of Edge AI through advancements in modular computing, industrial design, fast storage, connectivity, thermal management and GPU performance. These advancements offer scalable CPU and GPU options that can deliver up to 164 TFLOPS (TF32) within compact form factors. To handle the data deluge from RADAR sensors (at over 1 Gbit/s), LiDAR (at 100 Mbit/s), and camera images (at 2 Gbit/s), the hardware boasts multiple 10 and 100-gigabit Ethernet interfaces. Furthermore, it offers a staggering 384 TB of storage, capable of ingesting data at 224 Gb/s. Remarkably, these systems draw a mere 130 W of power, making them compatible with various vehicle power distribution systems, including internal combustion engines, hybrid, and electric vehicles. They are also resilient to power transients on 12 VDC and 48 VDC systems, as well as interruptions and short circuits.

silencing the noise

Eurotech went beyond power efficiency by adopting innovative liquid cooling technology that eliminates the need for fans, typical in traditional air-cooled architectures. This not only enhanced reliability by avoiding potential fan and vent failures but also reduced noise levels within the vehicle’s cabin, which means that the highest computational density gets achieved in complete silence.


size matters

Recognizing the sensitivity of automotive customers to size and weight constraints, Eurotech engineered rack-mounted modular solutions that efficiently deliver data center-level processing power in less than 20 liters of space and weighing under 15 kg. These solutions meet stringent ruggedization standards, such as LV-124-2 certification.

a road ahead

The journey toward autonomous driving relies on innovation and collaboration. That’s why Eurotech works relentlessly to reshape the automotive landscape and anticipate a future where self-driving cars become an integral part of our daily lives. This is why our unwavering dedication, coupled with the ability to address complex challenges, has earned the trust of industry giants such as Bosch, who have chosen Eurotech as their trusted partner in achieving the vision of autonomous driving and redefining the future of transportation.

Partnerships, like the one forged with Bosch, bring Eurotech’s cutting-edge technology to countless global end-customers, unleashing the power of Edge AI and paving the way for the next era of driving.

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