Download Stationary Devices

Eurotech offers a wide range of stationary devices in a variety of formats and functions:

Industrial grade compliant platforms from Eurotech are delivered ready for the core application to be added, and include the sheet metal enclosure, interface devices, user interface, and power supply for fastest time to market. They inlcude industrial monitor devices, box computers, panel pcs.
ISIS ICE 1 Atom processor Industrial Compact Enclosure  image: ISIS ICE
APC-INDUSTRIAL PC 1 Rugged 19" enclosure 4U based on a Socket 478 industrial PC card  image: APC-INDUSTRIAL PC
APOLLO ICE 1U 1 Rugged industrial enclosure 19" 1U based on APOLLO SBC  image: APOLLO ICE 1U
Bx-400F-N270 2 Fanless Low Power Atom™ Industrial Box Computer  image: Bx-400F-N270
BX-400P 2 Compact box computer with wall or DIN mounting  image: BX-400P
ANTARES ICE 1U 1 19" Rack Mount Industrial Computer with Intel Core i7/ i5 processor  image: ANTARES ICE 1U
GEMINI ICE 1U 1 Industrial compact enclosure 19" 1U based on GEMINI SBC  image: GEMINI ICE 1U
APCx-4 1 Intel Core 2 Duo 19" rack mount Industrial PC  image: APCx-4
ZEUS ICE 1 Rugged system for remote telematic and wireless data acquisition/routing applications  image: ZEUS ICE
VIPER ICE 1 Rugged industrial compact enclosure based on PXA255 processor @ 400MHz  image: VIPER ICE
VULCAN ICE 1 Industrial compact enclosure based on IXP425 VULCAN SBC  image: VULCAN ICE
PEGASUS ICE 1 Compact enclosure with Elan SC520 133MHz processor  image: PEGASUS ICE