Single Board Computers - SBC

This section contains a wide range of Single Board Computers (SBC) available in many form factors: EPIC, EBX, and much more.
These embedded Single Board Computers come in standard form factors in compact sizes with rich I/O, high flexibility, easy expansion capabilities and extended temperature options.
CPU-310-12 1 Embeddable Multi-service IoT Gateway  image: CPU-310-12
CPU-521-17 1 6th Gen Intel Core - Mini-ITX  image: CPU-521-17
CPU-351-13 2 Low Power, Rugged i.MX6 SBC  image: CPU-351-13
ANTARES 2 Core i7 / Core i5 5.25" Single Board Computer  image: ANTARES
ALUDRA 2 Single board computer with Atom processor EBX form factor  image: ALUDRA
Catalyst EC 4 EPIC Single board computer with Atom processor  image: Catalyst EC
Vector 3 Intel® Atom™ in Low Power, EPIC SBC  image: Vector
GEMINI 1 5.25" Embedded Intel Core 2 Duo/ Solo EBX SBC  image: GEMINI
PROTEUS 1 Single Board Computer based on Intel® Atom™ Z5xx series processor  image: PROTEUS
SBC-GX533 5.25" AMD Geode GX 533 Embedded PC  image: SBC-GX533
GCM Single board computer Graphic ClientM with PXA320 processor for graphics-intensive applications  image: GCM
SPHERE II 1 Low-cost single-board computer with floating point and signal co-processor  image: SPHERE II
ZEUS 1 EPIC 520MHz PXA270 XScale Single Board Computer  image: ZEUS
TurboXb System Comprehensive and customizable system based on the TurboXb module with PXA270 processor  image: TurboXb System
TurboIXP System Single Board Computer based on IXP465 processor  image: TurboIXP System