ESF 5.0.0

Everyware Software Framework V. 5.0.0

ESF 5.0.0
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org.eclipse.kura.demo.heater_1.0.100.dp icon (27 KB)
Virtual Heater Deployment Package (v1.0.100)
MD5: 708b30008d6550ac28239724d05ca584
org.eclipse.kura.demo.modbus_2.0.0.dp icon (22 KB)
Modbus example Deployment Package (v2.0.0)
MD5: e234bcf239e8ae6d50f13bf42c77a4d4
org.eclipse.kura.example.beacon_1.0.100.dp icon (13 KB)
Beacon Broadcaster Deployment Package (v1.0.100)
MD5: c30cd3dbb987f50801b7f54890e1e8ed
org.eclipse.kura.example.ble.tisensortag_1.0.100.dp icon (32 KB)
TI SensorTag App Deployment Package (v1.0.100)
MD5: 9ba22332a7f2d015a0b4ad882054a898
org.eclipse.kura.protocol.modbus_2.0.0.dp icon (39 KB)
Modbus Protocol Deployment Package (v2.0.0)
MD5: d5ab7c27d1bb14739f4035383a0d67bb
com.eurotech.example.bluetooth_1.0.100.dp icon (17 KB)
Bluetooth Classic App Deployment Package (v1.0.100)
MD5: 0f01ab9af8459b49cda3d52b22fc10d4
com.eurotech.framework.diagnostics.armv5sf_1.0.0.dp icon (1.1 MB)
Diagnostic Deployment Package for ARM v5 SF (10-05, 10-20)
MD5: 2d1ab9b667684535bac5b1b4fd275992
com.eurotech.framework.diagnostics.armv6hf_1.0.0.dp icon (1.1 MB)
Diagnostic Deployment Package for ARM v6 HF (10-11)
MD5: 1565c77d6274680b0facdb246152a22b
com.eurotech.framework.diagnostics.x86_64.rhel7_1.0.0.dp icon (1.1 MB)
Diagnostic Deployment Package for RHEL 7 x86_64 (20-26)
MD5: 1c4ff8facd602bdf4f24ed42d59a4380
com.eurotech.framework.diagnostics.x86_64_1.0.0.dp icon (1.1 MB)
Diagnostic Deployment Package for x86_64 (20-25)
MD5: adc3f577965809919791dcb73a4ea114
com.eurotech.framework.fuse_1.0.0.dp icon (3.5 MB)
Red Hat Fuse bundles
MD5: 9f69c372e9218cb3ed62e5d0cabec508
com.eurotech.framework.gps.forwarder_1.0.0.dp icon (39 KB)
GPS Sentence Forwarder Deployment Package (v1.0.0)
MD5: 5a58336b4535efced735831391a21cb1
com.eurotech.framework.protocol.pcn2.zonemanager_1.0.100.dp icon (96 KB)
PCN Deployment Package (v1.0.100)
MD5: 065b7d429ca84f1215ec6cac40be1c69
com.eurotech.framework.protocol.pcn2_3.0.100.dp icon (58 KB)
PCN Deployment Package (v3.0.100) PCN Bundle
MD5: fc72315de2658691f5dd159a91f67853
com.eurotech.framework.terminal.client.server_1.0.3.dp icon (45 KB)
Terminal Client/Server Deployment Package (v1.0.3)
MD5: 983255ee0b339c5504c5541417302326
com.eurotech.modbus.driver_1.0.0.dp icon (0.4 MB)
Modbus Driver for Wires (v1.0.0)
MD5: 6ad5ff9dad25f54d14fa7a8e294f90ab
com.eurotech.opcua.driver_1.0.0.dp icon (5.8 MB)
OPC-UA Driver for Wires (v1.0.0)
MD5: 8f582e986da748bf3ee566aa245df8a9
nashorn.jar icon (3.5 MB)
Nashorn JVM Add-on for Java 8
MD5: 56e4afc7ae25d2039ffc16ac08f504a4

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