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Client success story

Ensuring dialysis machine reliability and security at global scale

A leading dialysis machine provider, pursued a comprehensive IoT solution to secure the connection and streamline data management from their dialysis equipment deployed worldwide in healthcare facilities.

Medical and Healthcare
Client profile

A world’s leading provider of products and services for individuals with renal diseases of which around 3.9 million patients worldwide regularly undergo dialysis treatment

Company revenue



Providing essential care to 344,000 dialysis patients globally, with over 52 million dialysis treatments performed annually.



A customer needed secure means to effectively monitor and assess the reliability of their medical equipment. Their objective was to enhance operational efficiency, minimising machine failures and downtime. Simultaneously, they aimed to improve the effectiveness of their service by enabling remote maintenance and granting access to machine logs.




Eurotech’s approach to addressing the client’s needs focused on cybersecurity, incorporating robust measures at every stage of the IoT chain. This included an extensive array of configurable security options to ensure the highest level of protection. Furthermore, we offered an IEC 62443-compliant solution specifically designed for the secure retrofitting of medical equipment. Additionally, we facilitated secure connectivity and remote management of field devices through our Everyware Cloud (EC) platform. This integrated approach ensured the client’s equipment and data remained secure and efficiently managed throughout their operations.




As a result of our integrated solution, the client successfully established a separate and highly secure network for their devices, achieving the desired machine monitoring and uptime objectives. This accomplishment was made possible through our built-in cybersecurity and a software suite, ensuring the secure integration of assets into the IoT infrastructure. Beyond granting secure access, monitoring, and updates for these assets, our solution enabled comprehensive data collection and analysis, delivering invaluable insights for troubleshooting and optimization. Moreover, remote provisioning eliminated the necessity for physical access, streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency.