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ReliaIO 10-12

I/O Expansion Module

The ReliaIO 10-12 is a fast and simple way to expand the capabilities of Eurotech Multi-service IoT Edge Gateways with extra digital and analog ports.

  • Industrial Grade
  • ReliaGATE Compatible
  • 4x Isolated Digital Inputs
  • 4x Isolated Digital Outputs
  • 4x Protected Analog Inputs
  • Open Platform
  • Customizable
Industrial & Automation
Operating Temperature: -25 to +85°C
Geographic Area
North America
Industrial Grade
Compact and sturdy, with reliable terminal block interfaces and a wide operating temperature range
ReliaGATE Compatible
Designed to be a companion for the ReliaGATE 10-12, expands the gateway capabilities with extra
digital and analog ports
4x Isolated Digital Inputs
Supporting 0-36V input range and optionally customizable 0/1 level thresold
4x Isolated Digital Outputs
Open drain output transistors rated 60V, up to 0.5A output and clear LED status indication
4x Protected Analog Inputs
Supporting 0-36V input range and 12bit @1KHz sampling
Open Platform
Supported by Everyware Software Framework (ESF), the IoT Java/OSGi based-middleware for IoT Edge Gateways that accelerates gateway development and enables remote management
Personalization and full customization options are available, ranging from branding (“skins” and color) to deep HW/SW configurations

The ReliaIO 10-12 is a fast and simple way to expand the capabilities of Eurotech Multi-service IoT Edge Gateways with extra digital and analog ports.
Designed to be fitted to the side of the ReliaGATE 10-12, it is rated for the same level of reliability and operating temperature range.
The ReliaIO 10-12 features a high performance 32bit MCU to offload the gateway, delivering highly consistent performance under any load.
The digital section of the ReliaIO 10-12 supports 4x isolated digital inputs and 4x isolated digital outputs, while the analog section provides 4x protected analog inputs.
The ReliaIO 10-12 is supported by Everyware Software Framework (ESF), a commercial, enterprise-ready edition of Eclipse Kura, the open source Java/ OSGi middleware for IoT Edge Gateways.
Distributed and supported by Eurotech, ESF adds advanced security, diagnostics, provisioning, remote access and full integration with Everyware Cloud (EC), Eurotech IoT Integration Platform (separately available).
The ReliaIO 10-12 can be personalized and customized for additional capabilities through Eurotech Professional Services.

Ordering code: REIO-10-12-01
PROCESSORMCUSTM 32F072XX - 32 bit ARM Cortex M0
MEMORYRAM16KB SRAM with Hardware Parity
STORAGEEmbedded128KB Flash
I/O INTERFACESDigital Input4x Digital Input Ports – 0-36V Input Range, 5kV (2.7kV RMS) Optoisolation, 0-1V Low Level Voltage, 2-36V High Level Voltage, 1V/2V 0/1 Level Threshold (Customizable as Factory Option)
Digital Output4x Digital Output Ports – 5kV (2.7kV RMS) Optoisolation, 60V Open Drain Output Transistors, 0.5A MOSFET AC/DC Output (with 0.5A Fuses)
Analog Input4x Analog Input Ports – 0-36V Input Range, 12bit Sigma Delta ADC Conversion, 1kHz Max Sampling Frequency, Input Protection Circuitry (5kV DC). Factory Option: 4-20mA Current Loop Compatibility
Other InputFactory Options: 3x PWM Programmable Inputs, 1x Odometer Mode, 1x Phase Angular Encode Mode. All Optional Inputs with Optoisolation: 5kV (2.7kV RMS)
OTHERLEDs4x Digital Output Status, 2x Programmable
POWERInputProvided by ReliaGATE 10-12
Consumption0.3W Typ.
ENVIRONMENTOperating Temp- 25 to +85°C
Storage Temp- 40 to +85°C
SafetyEN 62368, UL 60950 (§)
EnvironmentalRoHS2, REACH
MECHANICALEnclosureMaterial: ABS - Color: Aluminum
Dimensions90.4x43.7x58 mm (LxWxH)
SOFTWAREIoT FrameworkEveryware Software Framework (Java/OSGi)

(§) UL, NRTL listing Factory Option.