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DynaPCN 10-30

AI Powered People CounterITxPT, AI Classification, 3D ToF, Video

The DynaPCN 10-30 is a rugged People Counter certified for Public Transportation, Road Vehicles and Rolling Stock that adds advanced AI capabilities to the traditional people counting function.

  • AI-based Classification
  • Drop-in Replacement for Previous Generation
  • Autotuning
  • Easy Installation
  • ITxPT Ready
  • Automotive and Rolling Stock certifications
  • Antitamper
  • Open Platform
Transportation & Off-road
Operating Temperature: -40 to +85°C
Geographic Area
North America
AI Classification
A powerful AI engine provides adult vs child classification and can be optionally expanded to recognize wheelchairs, strollers, bicycles and custom objects and scenes
Drop-in Replacement
Form, Fit and Function replacement for previous generations of Eurotech People and Passenger Counters (PCN-1001, DynaPCN 10-20), including the serial versions
A smart autotuner optimizes the parameters to get the optimal performance and eliminates all the time consuming guesswork
Easy Installation
A greatly improved mechanical designed dramatically simplifies and accelerates the physical deployment in the vehicle
ITxPT Ready
Designed to meet ITxPT, with support for Ethernet and PoE on a M12 connector
Automotive and Rolling Stock
Certified for E-Mark and EN50155, EN45545, with extended operating temperature, isolated interfaces and a wide range, protected power supply
An antitamper mechanical design eliminates the need for a service panel and greatly improves the physical resilience against physical tampering
Open Platform
Features Everyware Software Framework (ESF), the IoT Java/OSGi based-middleware for IoT gateways that accelerates gateway development and enables remote management
Open, No-lock-in
Based on open standards and Cloud agnostic, it can be integrated with all major platform and service provides

The DynaPCN 10-30 is a rugged People Counter certified for Public Transport, Road Vehicles and Rolling Stock that adds advanced AI capabilities to traditional people counting function.

The powerful AI engine that comes with the DynaPCN 10-30 provides adult vs child out-of-the-box capabilities and can optionally support additional classification models to enable the recognition of bicycles, strollers, wheelchairs; additional ad-hoc classification models can be developed as a Professional Service.

The DynaPCN 10-30 offers a simple and efficient opportunity to adopt or migrate to the most advanced requirements: for new deployments, it provides a smooth path towards ITxPT, while for existing fleets, it brings the latest capabilities while keeping a full Form-Fit-Function compatibility with Eurotech previous generation People/Passenger counters, including the ones based on serial communication.

Thanks to a smart autotuning function, the DynaPCN 10-30 dramatically improves the configuration time, completely removing the guesswork that is typically required to reach the optimal performance in a real-world deployment; the physical installation time is also very fast, thanks to an improved mechanical design that positions the connector in an installer-friendly location and that offers a range of options for cabling, from rugged low-cost DB15 up to ITxPT M12

The DynaPCN 10-30 also provides a high level of tamper resistance with an innovative design that eliminates the need for a service panel (in some SKUs), removing a critical attack point and delivering at the same time a superior aesthetic experience.

Ordering code: DYPCN-10-30-XX
VISION3D CameraTime of Flight, QVGA @30fps Resolution, 850mm Wavelength
2D CameraRGB, 2Mp Resolution
ILLUMINATORTypeInfrared 850nm Wavelength
AI CLASSIFICATORSClassesAdult vs Child; Wheelchair, Bicycles and Strollers (Factory Option)
VIDEOLive StreamingH.264
Event RecordingFactory Option (contact Eurotech for details)
I/O INTERFACESEthernetNo1x 10/100Mbps
Serial1x RS-485 IsolatedNo1x RS-485 IsolatedNo
Digital I/O1x Digital IN (Optoisolated)
MAINTENANCEService PanelYes, Magnetic CoverNo Service Panel
OTHERRTCYes, with SuperCAP (up to 15 Days Retention)
EEPROM256 Kbit
LED1x System, 1x Maintenance
CONNECTORSSystem Connector1x DB15HD
POWERInput6-60VDC (24 and 48VDC Nom) Surge, Noise, Rev Polarity, Overvoltage & Short Protection, Load DumpPoE+
Power Backup10s Hold-up After Power Failure (Safe-shutdown) Configurable Sleep Timer, to Manage Shutdown
Consumption<10W Typical (15W Max.)<10W Typical (13W Max.)
ENVIRONMENTOperating Temperature-40 to +70°C TX/OT4 According to EN50155
Storage Temperature-40 to +85°C
Humidity5 to 95% Relative Humidity (Non-condensing) at +40°C
SafetyIEC 62368-1, UL 62368-1 (§)
Rolling StockEN50155, EN45545
AutomotiveE-Mark R10, ITxPT Ready
EnvironmentalROHS3, REACH
MECHANICALEnclosureMaterial: Aluminum – Magnesium Alloy
DimensionsFrame: 100x230x3mm (Height x Width x Thickness); Cut-Out: from 82x209x42mm (Height x Width x Depth, Frame at 0°) to 82x209x70mm (Height x Width x Depth, Frame at 45°); Mechanically Compatible with Eurotech People Counters
Installation Height1.9m Min., 2.5m Max.
Detection Width1.6m Min., 2.5m Max.

 § UL, NRTL listing Factory Option.

* Contact Eurotech for more information

The DynaPCN 10-30 has a DB15HD connector on the rear side for power supply and data connection. There are three ways to connect the DynaPCN 10-30:

  • Direct connection to the DB15HD connector
  • Using the bundles that include a Connector Box.

A connector Box is an accessory attached on the rear side of the DynaPCN 10-30 that makes it a Form Fit Function (FFF) replacement for DYPCN-10-20-xx, PCN-1000, and PCN-1001:

DynaPCN 10-30 + Connector Box
Ordering CodesDYPCN-10-30-21DYPCN-10-30-01 + Connector Box (Type A)FFF for PCN-1000 and PCN-1001
DYPCN-10-30-22DYPCN-10-30-02 + Connector Box (Type B)FFF for DYPCN-10-20-xx
DYPCN-10-30-23DYPCN-10-30-03 + Connector Box (Type B)FFF for DYPCN-10-20-xx
DYPCN-10-30-32DYPCN-10-30-12 + Connector Box (Type B)FFF for DYPCN-10-20-xx
  • Using the cable-adapters that can be attached on the DB15HD connector:
Ordering CodeContact Eurotech1x DB15HD to 1x M12 ITxPT
Contact Eurotech1x DB15HD to 1x M12 Eurotech DynaPCN 10-20-xx
Contact Eurotech1x DB15HD to Other Style (Factory Option)