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Eurotech presents its new brand identity: “Unleashing the Power of the Edge”


Amaro (Italy), April 20th, 2022 – Eurotech formalizes the implementation of a rebranding process that will start with the adoption of a new payoff, a new logo and new corporate colors, in line with the company strategy.

The new payoff “Unleashing the Power of the Edge” reflects the company’s new positioning as a leading IoT Edge player. It is also a reference to the next-gen smart applications and products powered by AI and the role of Eurotech in accelerating its customers’ and partners’ innovation processes by enabling Edge AI.

The violet chosen for the new logo is trend-setting, and moreover, it recalls the very first color used for Eurotech’s logo: a tribute to the company’s history, but at the same time a strong statement for its values and vision towards the future.

The font is contemporary, bold and simple. The rounded letters like the first “e” recall the shape of Eurotech’s symbol, another element that bridges the company’s branding history with its future.

“This year is Eurotech’s 30th anniversary: through its history, the company has always been a leading player in innovation and digital transformation, starting as an embedded module provider and moving strongly to a leading IoT Edge solution enabler in mission-critical applications” commented Paul Chawla, Eurotech’s CEO. “The new logo is meant to propel the company into the future, while at the same time remaining consistent with its roots”.


As part of this rebranding process, the website will be renewed as well soon. Stay tuned

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