CPU-1232: a High-Performance/High-Reliability PentiumMMX PC/104 module

Eurotech SpA has released a new PC/104 CPU module based on NS Geode GX1 266-300MHz processor that gives you the power for the next generation embedded appliances.
The CPU-1232 integrates in a single CPU-board many features such as: LCD TFT SVGA controller with resolutions up to 1024x768, E-IDE interfaces for HDDs, ATA flash cards or DOM, 2 serial ports (UART 16550), 2 USB ports, 10/100Mbit Ethernet Controller, Audio port Sound-blaster compatible, keyboard port, bidirectional parallel port EPP-ECP, FDC, mouse. Other functions on-board are: SSD socket with up to 288 MB of Solid State Disk, watchdog, real-time clock. Moreover the CPU-1232 can be equipped with up to 128MB SDRAM in order to satisfy high demanding graphical applications.
With this module Eurotech has integrated a whole PC board and many other features in a single 3,6? x 3,8? (90 x 96 mm) module. This makes the CPU-1232 the right choice when high performance, high reliability and space-constrained environments are decisive factors.
The board is PC/104 compliant and can be expanded easily with other PC/104 modules, in order to improve the features of your PC/104 system such as: Video MPEG-1 compressor, PCMCIA controller or other communication and data acquisition modules. Thanks to its high-integration the board can be used as an SBC in many embedded applications.
The CPU-1232 is fully Intel Pentium compatible: this is the reason why it supports any operating system available for the standard PC platform such as ROM_DOS, Windows, Linux as well a real-time operating systems like QNX , VxWork, WinCE and RT_Linux.
The CPU-1232 is an ideal choice for auto-navigation devices, medical devices, communication devices, routers & gateways, Internet appliances, and any other application requiring network capabilities and high performances in a small and rugged form factor.
An extended temperature version of the module is available upon request.

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