COM-1460 : 3 channel 400Mbps IEEE-1394 Firewire Controller for High-bandwidth applications

Eurotech SpA has released a new PC/104-Plus OHCI IEEE-1394 Firewire module based on the TI PCI4450 controller.
The COM-1460 is an ultra high performance Firewire controller that provides 3 high-speed IEEE-1394 serial bus ports with speeds of 100/200/400 Mbit/sec in a ultra compact form factor.
The COM-1460 allows to connect simultaneously to an embedded system up to 63 daisy chained external devices such as: Digital cameras, Satellite video, Digital video conferencing devices, portable mass data storage devices (HDD, DVD, CD-ROM), Multichannel A/V editing. The maximum cable length is 4.5mt. (15 feet) that can be boosted up to 72mt. (235 feet) if a repeater is used.
This PC/104-Plus module has a PCI bus interface v.2.1/2.2 compliant that supports up to 132MB/s and Burst data transfer to maximize data throughput. The Firewire controller supports automatic configuration for plug and play connections, hot swapping with live connection/disconnection without data loss or interruption, guaranteed bandwidth assignments for real-time applications.
Most commonly used OS are compatible with the COM-1460: Windows 98/Me, 2000, Linux and many other OS that include Firewire support.
The COM-1460 is an ideal choice for high-bandwidth applications such as Remote Video Surveillance, Video Recording, Video Conference applications, Medical and Industrial Video Inspection Devices, Quality Assurance, portable and mobile Data Storage, Video Acquisition and Analysis.

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