Eurotech releases the COM-1288, a new GSM-R/Tri-band GPRS Module for railways applications

Amaro, Udine (Italy) ? May 10th, 2005. Today Eurotech ( ) releases the COM-1288, a new small and smart PC/104 board that is the ideal choice for mobile communications and global positioning applications.

The COM-1288 combines wireless Tri-band-GPRS or GPRS/GSM-R connectivity with a low power 12-channel parallel-tracking GPS receiver in an embedded module. This low power highly integrated rugged board is the ideal choice for computing applications requiring worldwide GPRS roaming, precise GPS positioning or mobile GSM-R communication for railways applications. The COM-1288 module is built to resist high mechanical, thermal shocks and extended temperature ranges.

The board can be configured through a flexible EEPROM that stores the board settings and does not need banks of interrupt or base address jumpers: configuring the COM-1288 is easy even after the system is completely assembled.
A standard SIM card can be installed onboard into a locking cardholder, or onto an external SIM card carrier. The board supports full interrupt sharing for all the serial ports. A 16 bit wide programmable digital I/O can be used to interface to other low power digital devices, whereas the two automotive level digital inputs can be used to connect to any 12V or 24V digital signals. An audio interface port for a headset is provided in order to give maximum comfort with user voice communications.

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Eurotech ( ) is a leader in the innovative design and development of high performance digital systems. Standard or customer specific solutions are based on Eurotech competence in embedded PC and systems technology.

The Eurotech Group recently expanded its leadership in the global embedded-PC market and extended its product range with a focus on standard systems solutions.

The Eurotech Group ( ) is a global family of leading edge technology companies covering the most important and active market areas across three continents. With operations in Europe, North America and Asia, the Group serves the industrial, transportation, defense, security, aerospace, utilities, and research markets. The Eurotech Group includes Eurotech in Italy and Finland ( and ), Parvus in USA ( ), Erim in France ( as well as Neuricam ( ), Exadron ( ), Ascensit (, and IPS ( ) in Italy.

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