DAQ-1274: A New PC/104 Data Acquisition Module with 62 Isolated Digital I/O Channels

Eurotech today announced the DAQ-1274, an isolated digital input/output (I/O) module for embedded data acquisition and control applications in vehicular, aircraft, and telecommunications environments.
The DAQ-1274 module conforms to the PC/104 form factor, which provides considerable flexibility and scalability when assembling an embedded computer system. The board can be stacked on top of other DAQ-1274 modules, as well as combined with other Eurotech CPU and Add-on modules.
The DAQ-1274 offers 62 channels of digital I/O points designed for +28 VDC application usage. The standard configuration comes with 20 opto-isolator inputs and 20 solid-state relay outputs capable of switching AC or DC up to 300 mA, as well as 16 logic-level input/outputs and six input jumpers. Two 50-pin headers provide connections to two banks of 20 isolated I/O points each, that are arranged in pairs for use with twisted pair or ribbon cabling.

Please click here for further information about the DAQ-1274

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