CTR-1250. A PC/104 Module with 2 PCMCIA slots with reduced form factor and low-power consumption

Eurotech present a new product, the CTR-1250, that is a double PCMCIA Interface module and can be used in routers, access network servers, data acquisition systems, terminal servers, navigation systems, etc.

The CTR-1250 is optimized for embedded applications where reduced form factor and low-power consumption are important design considerations.

The controller is completely compatible with the PCMCIA Version 4.1 standard and can operate at mixed voltages of either +5 volts, +3.3 Volts, or a combination of the two at various interfaces, technology that can significantly reduce system power consumption. It has full internal buffering and requires no additional circuitry to interface to the ISA Bus.

Its suspend-mode stops the internal clock. Automatic low-power dynamic mode stops transactions on the PCMCIA bus, stops internal clock distribution, and turns off internal circuitry.
Fully-buffered PCMCIA signals allow hot insertion and removal without requiring external logic to buffer incoming and outgoing signals, and allow-power consumption to be controlled by limiting signal transitions on the PCMCIA bus.

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