DynaNET 100G-01

HPEC Ethernet Switch - 16 Port 100GbE, Layer 3

The DynaNET 100G-01 is a high performance switch for Automotive and rugged applications, where extreme levels of performance, reliability and compactness are required.


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16 Port 100GbE Switch - Delivers 16x 40/56/100GbE ports over QSFP28, and with breakout cables up to 32x 50GbE or 64x 10/25GbE ports for a total throughput of 3.2Tb/s and 2.38Bpps processing capacity and zero packet loss
Layer 3 Managed - Provides flat latency across L2 and L3 forwarding, 300ns for 100GbE port-to-port latency with Software Defined Networking support
Automotive Certified - Comes with ECE R10, ISO 50498, ISO 16750-3/LV-142-2 (Shock & Vibration), VDA320, LV-142 (Electrical Tests) certification for use on traditional, electric and autonomous vehicles
Liquid Cooled - Interfaces with the vehicle liquid cooling infrastructure and Eurotech liquid cooled systems, delivering the highest level of energy efficiency and ruggedness
Compact & Lightweight - Saves precious space and weight thanks to liquid cooling: direct heat removal does not require bulky and heavy heatsinks
Easy to Deploy and Mantain - Can be installed in any recess and does not require airflow for cooling; quick disconnects allow fast and secure integration with the vehicle cooling infrastructure and simple removal for maintenance
Customizable - Flexible: personalization and full customization options are available, ranging from branding (“skin” and color) to deep hardware configurations


The DynaNET 100G-01 is a high performance switch for Automotive and rugged applications, where extreme levels of performance, reliability and compactness are required.

Featuring a total of 16x 40/56/100GbE QSFP28 ports, the DynaNET 100G-01 is the ideal solution as a high performance backbone in high performance applications, such as in Autonomous Driving, Artificial Vision and HPEC. When a high port count is needed, it is also possible to use breakout cables to reach up to 32x 50GbE or 64x 10/25GbE ports.

With a total throughput of 3.2Tb/s, a processing capacity of 2.38Bpps and 300ns port-to-port latency, the DynaNET 100G-01 can be used as a spine switch to implement a spine-leaf rugged switch architecture, delivering significant benefits in terms of data traffic predictability at a very low latency.

Layer 3 switching allows great control over traffic, and makes it possible to manage services and data streams in a much more deterministic way. This is a very important feature in all those applications where it is necessary to avoid data starvation and preserve the deterministic behavior of the network.

The DynaNET 100G-01 is certified for Automotive applications and can be easily integrated in traditional combustion, hybrid, electric and autonomous vehicles. It is available with a 12VDC or 48VDC automotive-grade power supply.

The DynaNET 100G-01 is liquid cooled and has no vents nor moving parts, dramatically increasing reliability. Since it does not require any ventilation, the DynaNET 100G-01 is extremely compact and lightweight, making it simple to fit it in any recess. The liquid cooling infrastructure of the vehicle may be used to feed the DynaNET 100G-01, delivering significant savings in integration cost and complexity. Field-proven quick disconnects provide a fast and safe interface to the vehicle cooling system and greatly enhance deployment and maintenance procedures.

Ordering code: DYNET-100G-01-XX
XX -01 -02
NETWORK Performance Throughput: 3.2Tb/s, Processing Capacity: 2.38Bpps, Port-to-Port Latency: 300ns, Zero Packet Loss
Interfaces 16x 40/56/100GbE QSFP28 Ports - Up to 32x 50GbE Ports - Up to 64x 10/25GbE Ports
MANAGEMENT Management Ports 1x 10/100/1000 BASE-T RJ45 (Out-of-band) - 1x USB - 1x RS-232 RJ45
LAYER 2 Flow Control 802.3ad Link Aggregation (LAG) & LACP: 16 Ports/Channel – 64 Groups Per System, Multi chassis LAG (MLAG), MLAG with STP support
Spanning Tree 802.1W Rapid Spanning Tree: BPDU Filter, Root Guard, Loop Guard, BPDU Guard, RSTP, MSTP and PVRST
Link Aggregation 802.1AX Link Aggregation (Max. 32 Groups per Device, 8 Ports per Group)
VLAN 802.1Q Multiple STP, VLAN 802.1Q (4K) - Q-In-Q
L2 Multicast IGMPv2/v3, Snooping, Querier
Other LLDP, Store & Forward / Cut-through Mode, HLL, 1/10/25/40/50/56/100GbE, Jumbo Frames (9216 Bytes)
LAYER 3 General User and Management VRFs, IPv4 & IPv6 Routing Including Route Maps, MP-BGP, OSPFv2 - PIM-SSM, PIM-SM, BFD (BGP, OSPF, Static Routes), VRRP, DHCPv4/v6 Relay - Router Port, int VLAN, NULL Interface for Routing, ECMP, 64-way, IGMPv2/v3 Snooping Querier
Synchronization PTP IEEE-1588 (SMPTE Profile), NTP
QoS 802.3X Flow Control, WRED, Fast ECN & PFC, 802.1Qbb Priority Flow Control, 802.1Qaz ETS - DCBX – App TLV Support, Advanced QoS – Qualification, Rewrite, Policers – 802.1AB - Shared Buffer Management
OTHER Management ZTP, Ansible, Puppet, FTP / TFTP / SCP - AAA, RADIUS / TACACS+ / LDAP - JSON & CLI, Web UI, SNMP v1,2,3 - In-band Management, DHCP, SSHv2, Telnet, SYSLOG
SDN OpenFlow 1.3: Hybrid, Supported Controllers: ODL, ONOS, FloodLight, RYU, etc.
Monitoring sFlow, Real time Queue Depth Histograms & Thresholds, Port Mirroring (SPAN & ERSPAN) - Enhanced Link & Phy Monitoring, BER Degradation Monitor, Enhanced Health Mechanism - 3rd Party Integration (Splunk, etc.)
Display OLED Display with Protection
LEDs 1x PSU Power Good LED, 1x System Health LED, 1x Switch Power LED, 1x Bad port LED, 1x Identifier LED
Maintenance Remote Eurotech Protection Systems Monitoring, FW Upgrade
POWER Input 48VDC Nom. (20 to 58VDC,13A Max) 12VDC Nom. (9 to 18VDC, 25A Max)
Protection Integrated Inrush Protection and Ignition Key Sense
Consumption 210W Peak
COOLING Coolant Flow: 75lph, 35°C Tinlet, 30% v/v Antifrogen L Coolant - Max Inlet Temperature: +45°C
Filter Integrated Mesh Protection Filter
Protection Eurotech Protection Systems: Condensation Detection, System Watchdog, Flow Rate, Internal Temperature, Inlet/Outlet Temperature, Humidity, Input Voltage/Current/Energy
ENVIRONMENT Operating Temp 0 to +45°C
Storage Temp -40 to +70°C (No Coolant)
CERTIFICATIONS Regulatory EN 50498
Automotive ECE ONU Reg.10, ISO 16750-3/LV-124-2 (Shock & Vibration), VDA320 ECE ONU Reg.10, ISO 16750-3/LV-124-2 (Shock & Vibration), LV-124 (Electrical Tests)
Environmental RoHS3, REACH
MECHANICAL Weight 6Kg (Including Coolant)
Dimensions 206x380x83mm (WxDxH) - Excluding Connectors


DynaNET 100G-01 Datasheet
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  • • 16x 40/56/100GbE Ports
  • • Up to 32x 50GbE or 64x 10/25GbE Ports
  • • Layer 3 Managed, Non-blocking
  • • Automotive Certified
  • • Liquid Cooled
  • • Compact & Lightweight
  • • Easy to Deploy and Maintain
  • • Customizable
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