Wind River LiveUSB Start-Up Kit for Eurotech Hardware

Start application development in minutes by leveraging the capabilities of your Eurotech hardware and the Wind River LiveUSB start-up kit.

Wind River LiveUSB Start Up Kit

The LiveUSB start-up kit enables customers to immediately develop applications and deploy rich user interfaces for multifunctional embedded systems based on Eurotech hardware.

Each Embedded Development Kit includes a bootable USB flash drive that immediately turns any host computer into a fully integrated development environment with no installation required. The 30-day trial software from Wind River is optimized for developing, running, debugging and prototyping embedded software directly on a Eurotech processor board using Wind River Workbench. Each Eurotech board comes preconfigured to boot Wind River Linux out of the box and the option of Wind River Tilcon Graphics Suite. Each Embedded Development Kit is customized with a startup guide and a set of comprehensive, step-by-step tutorials that walk developers through applicable use cases and workflows intended to make them more productive in a matter of hours using the included self-directed documentation and play-by-play videos. Since each Embedded Development Kit processor board is optimized for Wind River’s embedded software and development tools, customers obtain a more tightly integrated hardware and software solution with easier access to board-specific components.

The Wind River LiveUSB start-up kit contains:

  • Fully configured and bootable version of the Fedora (Linux) operating system
  • Wind River Linux platform, which includes the Wind River Workbench development suite and a board support package with a free 30-day License
  • Wind River documentation, including the Getting Started Guide and Eurotech Evaluation Tutorial
  • Set of audio-visual guides which will lead you through the Wind River Linux evaluation Documentation for Wind River Workbench and Wind River Linux.

The setup is quite simple, with only two prerequisites:

  • A Eurotech hardware platform on which Wind River Linux OS will run, for example a Helios gateway as shown above.
  • A host computer on which you will perform tasks such as configuring the Linux OS that runs on the Eurotech hardware, analyzing test results and debugging code. You will also use the host computer to view Wind River documentation and audio-visual material.
  • The supplied evaluation tutorial leads you through the steps to use Wind River Workbench, configure a Linux kernel and file system, work with patches, and outline how Wind River tools can aid in the debugging and analysis of embedded systems built on Eurotech hardware platforms.
Eurotech is a strategic partner with Wind River. For more information on Wind River, please go to

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