IoT Gateways

Multi Service Gateways

M2M /IoT Gateways close the gap between devices in the field and the Cloud, where data is collected, stored and manipulated by business applications.
The M2M Gateways, instantiate a bidirectional communication between the field and the Cloud; moreover, high-end M2M Gateways offer local processing and storage capabilities to provide offline services and almost real time control over the devices in the field.
Multi-Service Gateways are ideally suited for M2M applications to connect sensors, actuators, and devices to the business enterprise.
Key functionalities include a wide array of secure connectivity solutions through cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Zigbee networks.

Getting Started with IoT Gateway Development Kits

ReliaGATE 20-25

Multi-Service IoT Gateway & Edge Controller.

DynaGATE 10-12

Multi-service IoT Gateway, Automotive Grade, LTE Cat 1.

DynaGATE 10-06

Multi-service IoT Gateway, Automotive Grade

ReliaGATE 10-12

Multi-service IoT Gateway

BoltGATE 20-25

EN50155 Multi-Service Gateway & Edge Controller

ReliaGATE 10-20

Multi-Service Gateway & Edge Controller

ReliaGATE 10-11

Multi-Service IoT Gateway

ReliaGATE 10-05

Multi-Service IoT Gateway

ReliaGATE 15-10

Multi-Service Gateway & Edge Controller

ReliaGATE 50-21

Multi-Service Gateway & Edge Controller

DynaGATE 15-10

Transportation Gateway & Edge Controller

ReliaGATE 20-11

Multi-Service Gateway & Edge Controller

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