DynaDOT 10-13

Dot Matrix Information Panel - 58x18 dots

DynaDOT 10-13 is an EN50155 certified, fanless dot matrix display certified for Railway applications that delivers high brightness, high efficiency LEDs in a very thin enclosure.

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EN50155 Certified - Designed for Railway applications
Thin and Lightweight - At just 35 mm deep, it’s one of the thinnest dot matrix panels and can be installed in space constrained applications
Fanless, with High Brightness - Great brightness to power consumption ratio in a fanless enclosure
Brightness Management - Automatic and manual brightness management modes
Versatile Graphics - Supports: bit-mapped images, real time animations, smart areas, auto scroll, multilanguage fonts
Daisy Chainable - Internal Ethernet switch allows daisy chaining multiple units
Ethernet Bypass Mode - Allows uninterrupted service when a daisy chained unit is powered off


The DynaDOT 10-13 is an EN50155 certified, fanless dot matrix display certified for Railway applications that delivers high brightness, high efficiency LEDs in a very thin enclosure.
Easy to install both on vehicles and track side, the DynaDOT 10-13 is ideal for applications where traditional displays are hard to deploy due to their depth, such as when the display should be embossed on the train door.
Brightness of the panel can be managed automatically or manually: internal temperature and light sensors allow fine, continuous control.
The DynaDOT 10-13 offers sophisticated graphics modes: it allows partitioning of the surface in smart areas that can be controlled independently; it supports bit mapped images, real-time animations and auto scrolling.
The DynaDOT 10-13 comes with two Fast Ethernet interfaces that support daisy chaining multiple units and Ethernet bypass mode. With Ethernet bypass, it is possible to instantly recover connectivity along the chain in case the unit is powered down: in case of an event, internal relays are triggered and cross connect the two M12 Ethernet interfaces, restoring the electrical path of the chain.

DISPLAY Resolution 58 x 18 dots Dynamic Area Resolution
Dot Pitch 4mm
Active Area 232x72mm
Brightness > 2.000 cd/m2
Viewing Angle +/-30°
LED Color Yellow (590 nm) – Other Colors Available upon Request
I/O INTERFACES Ethernet 1x 10/100Mbps – Internal Switch for Daisy Chaining – Ethernet Bypass Mode
POWER Input 110VDC Nominal (77 to 137.5VDC)
Consumption 15W Typical
ENVIRONMENT Operating Temp - 25 to +70°C EN50155 Class T3 (+85°C for 10 min)
Storage Temp - 30 to +85°C
Humidity < 95% Relative Humidity at +45°C Non-condensing
CERTIFICATIONS Compliance CE, EN 50155 (Railway Applications), EN 61373 (Vibrations & Shocks), EN 50121 (Surges, Electrostatic discharge, Burst, Radio Frequency Interference susceptibility and Radio Frequency disturbances Emission Test), EN 60068 (Temperature Test), UNI CEI 11170 (Fire & Smoke)
Ingress IP54
MECHANICAL Enclosure Aluminum - Black Anodized
Dimensions 280x180x35 mm (W x H x D)
Weight 3Kg


DynaDOT 10-13 Datasheet
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  • • Fanless, Low Power
  • • Thin (35 mm) and Lightweight
  • • High Brightness (>2.000 cd/m2)
  • • Auto and Manual Brightness
  • • Smart Graphics, Bitmaps, Animations
  • • Daisy Chainable, with Ethernet bypass
  • • IP54 and EN50155 Certified
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