DynaCOR 40-34

Automotive HPEC NAS - 16TB NVMe @4.4GB/s, Liquid Cooled

The DynaCOR 40-34 is a compact, liquid-cooled, HPEC NAS that can be customized with several PCIe expansion cards to fulfill specific use-cases. The system is designed for automotive and rugged applications, and it can fit any member of the Intel Xeon E3 v3 CPU family, with up to four cores and 3.70GHz clock speed.

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High-performance Networking Storage - The system provides up to 16TB storage @4.4GB/s writing speed and multiple 40/56 GbE interfaces
Automotive Certified - E-Mark and Shock & Vibe certifications for reliable operation in autonomous driving and other rugged applications
In-vehicle Installation - An optional Docking Station allows to easily pull the system in and out from the vehicle and bring it into the data center
Liquid Cooled - The extremely compact, fanless and ventless unit dissipates up to 1kW with an integrated direct exchange technology that interfaces the vehicle liquid cooling system
Professional Services - The modular design allows further customization through Eurotech Professional Services, including the integration of user selected accelerators, storage and networking modules


The DynaCOR 40-34 is a compact, liquid-cooled, rugged HPEC networking storage system, certified for automotive applications. It embeds an Intel Xeon E3 v3 processor with 32GB soldered-down ECC RAM, and multiple high-performance NVMe SSD Cards, Network Interface Controllers (NIC) and GPUs.
The DynaCOR 40-34 is designed to withstand shocks and vibrations, and it is E-Mark certified for in-vehicle installations.
The internal architecture of the DynaCOR 40-34 features one CPU card and provides five internal bays for GPUs, NVMe and networking modules, connected with a 96 PCIe lanes switch.
Off-the-shelf configurations include the following PCIe expansion cards: two NVMe SSD Cards providing up to 16TB of storage, one Network Interface Controller (NIC) card that enables two 40/56 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, and one NVIDIA GeForce GPU. Eurotech Professional Services allow for further personalization, including validation and integration of user-selected expansion modules.
The DynaCOR 40-34 supports loads of up to 1kW thanks to an innovative technology that interfaces with the vehicle liquid cooling system. The coolant circulates inside cold plates that are tightly coupled with the expansion boards, providing efficient heating dissipation.
An optional Docking Station makes it quick and easy to swap or transfer the unit to the data center, whenever immediate dataset availability is required.

Expansion Modules Specifications
CPU Module CPU Xeon E3-1281v3 - 3.70GHz (4.1GHz Turbo Boost), 4 Cores
RAM 32GB DDR3-ECC High Reliability Soldered-down
Ethernet 2x 10/100/1000Mbps - RJ45 (Shared with Out-of-band Management)
USB 3x USB 2.0 (100mA, Type A), 1x USB 2.0 (500mA, Type A)
Serial 1x Configurable Serial (RS-232 Default, DB9)
Consumption 110W Max
NVMe Type High Performance NVMe (8 Lanes PCIe Gen 3, High Endurance)
Capacity 7.68TB Max
Performance Max 6100MB/s Sequential Read, Max 2200MB/s Sequential Write
Consumption 25W Typ. (9W Idle)
NIC I/O Interfaces Dual 40/56 GbE QSFP28 (QSFP+ Compatible)
Consumption 25W Max
GPU Model NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
Clock 1290MHz (1392MHz Boost)
RAM 4GB GDDR4 ECC, 7Gb/s Memory Speed
Max Resolution 7680x4320@60Hz
I/O Interfaces 1x DL-DVI, 1x DisplayPort 1.4
Consumption 75W Typ. (110W Peak)
Ordering code: DYCOR-40-34-XX
XX - 01 - 02
CPU Module Intel Xeon E3-1281v3 1x
NVMe NVMe (7.68TB) 1x 2x
NIC Dual 40/56GbE 1x
GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 1x
POWER Input 9-18VDC (12VDC Nominal)
Consumption Up to 350W TBC (450W Peak)

Other expansions modules (GPU, NVMe, FPGA, etc.) are available through Eurotech Professional Service

Superset Specifications
Expansion Module Format 5x Expansion Bays compatible with PCIe Gen 3 Expansion Cards
Midplane PCIe Switch PCIe Switch Providing 96 PCIe Gen 3 Lanes
Management Supervisor Independent Controller Board for System Level Environment Management
BMC Baseboard Management Controller for Out-of-band Management (IPMI Tool Support)
Storage SATA 1x 256GB High Reliability SATA SSD
I/O Interfaces Display 1x Display OLED (Integrated)
Other LEDs 3x LED Indicators
Power Input Options: 9-18VDC (12VDC Nominal) – 36-58VDC (48VDC Nominal)
Environment Operating Temp. 0 to +50°C (Factory Option: Wider Ranges)
Storage Temp. - 20 to +70°C (Without Liquid Coolant, Depending on Configuration)
Mechanical Dimensions 157 x 162 x 455 mm (H x W x D)
Weight ~ 11Kg
Cooling Direct Hot Water Cooling (Car Cooling System or Independent Cooling Unit can be used)
Installation Docking Station


DynaCOR 40-34 Datasheet
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  • • NAS for Autonomous Vehicles
  • • Shock & Vibe and E-Mark Certified
  • • 16TB NVMe Storage
  • • Dual 40/56 Gigabit Ethernet
  • • In-vehicle Installation
  • • Liquid Cooled
  • • Professional Services
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