Eurotech : Mise à jour du Everyware™ Software Framework pour simplifier le développement des applications

SAN FRANCISCO (Intel Developer Forum) – September 13, 2011 – Eurotech, a leading supplier of embedded technologies, products and systems, announces today they have launched Release 1.4 of the Everyware™ Software Framework to offer developers more options to get their products to market faster with an integrated hardware and software infrastructure. ESF 1.4 provides a new WEB GUI configuration application that manages the networking interfaces such as cellular or Wi-Fi offering the connectivity and security required for machine-to-machine and embedded solutions. Along with the configuration capabilities, the ability to run ESF on different hardware systems means developers who write applications on the ESF framework can do so as quickly as possible, while future-proofing their development.

“ESF puts a layer between the operating system and the customer application, simplifying the entire development process and adding quality, reliability and robustness to the software,” said Arlen Nipper, President and CTO, Eurotech in North America. “The latest release incorporates additional industry standard interfaces to shorten custom development time and simplify coding, debugging and even connecting to a network. OEMs and enterprises have more options in hardware running ESF so they can easily port their application to new and next generation platforms, ensuring a long lifecycle for their software.”

Other new features included in ESF 1.4 include: 
- Interactive web server tools
- New plug-ins for M2M applications
- Oracle Java SE 1.6 Java Virtual Machine support 

With these expanded features, developers effectively future-proof their applications to ensure new product specifications or ramped up production will be easy to manage by seamlessly porting an ESF-based application to new hardware. With Eurotech ESF installed, the new Intel® M2M wireless gateway reference design is one of the many Intel Atom™-based hardware platforms OEMs and enterprises can choose from to significantly shorten development cycles for machine-to-machine services. Eurotech offers wireless solutions along with device cloud data delivery and management to enable M2M communications quickly and efficiently across a full portfolio of hardware options. 

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